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The Rocker That Holds Her (The Rocker # 5) by Terri Anne Browning {Beta Review}

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: November 10th 2013
Series: The Rocker #5
Format: Beta/ARC
Source: Provided by author for review

I had big dreams of how I wanted my life. Becoming a rock star was all I wanted. It would solve so many of my problems. With the money that I would make I was going to take care of my mom, get her out of the hell hole we had been living in all my life. Having your dreams come true isn’t something that many people get to accomplish in life. I did, and I loved it. For about a minute… It’s funny how when you think you have everything you could possible every want, your dreams change. Mine did without my even realizing it. Then I opened my eyes and saw that everything I ever wanted was standing in front of me. From the first day I set eyes on Emmie she became a part of me. The guys and I spent years watching over her, caring for her… Loving her. Then without my realizing it my love for her changed. I found myself aching for her, wanting her in a way that a guy like me had no right to want her. My love and need for Emmie became an all-consuming ache that I was helpless to fight against. Would she ever open those big green eyes and see me as anything but a friend? Mature Content! **Not Suitable For Readers Under 17**

My Review:

Every time I read a book from just one characters perspective I always wonder what the other person is thinking and feeling. After falling in love with the story of Nik and Emmie in the Rocker That Holds Me I had hoped he would get his own book. 

Being the guy who funds Emmie when she was a little girl, beaten and abused by her mother and taking it upon himself to care for her was just one reason why I fell in love with him. Nik was just a teenager dreaming of being in a rock band and hoping to get out of the run down trailer park he lives in when he becomes Emmie's protector and caregiver. With a large age gap between them and her being five when he  found her I always wondered what exactly his feelings for her were. I knew he wasn't perverted and didn't lust after her while she was a child but it was nice to see that he felt like her guardian and did whatever he could to keep her from the ugliness in the world. Nik was an amazing character and watching him grow and mature in the story while simultaneously caring for Emmie was great. I had thought originally that once he became a rock star he was just another man whore even though he continued to care for Emmie. That is why I am glad we get this look at him. He felt like his feelings for Emmie as she got older were wrong and did everything he could to resist the attraction he felt for her. He tried to suppress it by hooking up with other women and when that didn't work he just tried to stay away from her.

 I have a soft spot for childhood sweethearts and Nik and Emmie were the absolute best pairing. Through each stage of their relationship I loved watching how deeply Nik fell under her spell and grew to love her. Nothing is easy for them because Nik can't just come out and say what he feel sand Emmie is extremely hot headed and stubborn but when they finally come together it's amazing. You would think a book with the same story but from a different perspective would be repetitive but I found that with Nik there were things we couldn't have seen from Emmie's pov. Some things took me by surprise and had me foaming at the mouth wondering what would have happened had Nik dragged his feet any longer. What am I talking about? Two Words: Axton Cage. I have had a serious crush on him since the beginning and finding out there was a little competition for Emmie was FANTASTIC! I seriously can't wait to get his book!

With every book in the series it has felt like an extremely lengthy journey for this couple and watching them solidify their feelings for each other in a very permanent way brought tears to my eyes. I love strong couples who fight through so much to be together and Nik and Emmie are the epitome of strong. Besides getting to see my favorite couple of the series share their love I also loved seeing all the guys with their families and how things have worked out for them. While the rockers from Demons Wings have found love and a place to belong I am really excited to see the next Generation rockers of OtherWorld settle down. Have I Mentioned Axton Cage yet? Needless to say I was extremely satisfied with how this conclusion to the original band members stories wrapped up. I can't imagine a better ending for the couple with the craziest love story in the series. This is one of my favorite rock star series and I highly recommend them for anyone who loves stories filled with love, romance and hot rocker sex!


I cupped her face, trying to take in every line of my dream Emmie. "I need you too, baby." She was so fucking beautiful it hurt to breathe for a moment. I kissed her, trailing down her jaw and neck, stopping only long enough to suck on her rapidly beating pulse at the base of her neck. Beta/ARC 27%

"I love you, Em. With everything inside of me, I love you. You are my favorite dream come to life and I never want to let you go." I brushed my lips over her eyes, wiping her tears away with my tongue. "I need you to breathe. You keep the world afloat when everything else is going insane." Beta/ARC 57%

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  1. I've only read the first, but I know how much you love this series. I'm glad it came to a good conclusion. Great review!

  2. You need to remind me to get back to the first book.


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