About Globug

I am in love with books.*Shock and Awe*. I never thought I would read for pleasure. To help me go to sleep yes, but not for enjoyment. I'm so glad a friend encouraged me to read Twilight. That's the first book I can remember reading that made me not want to put the book down.Now I feel like the books I buy are treasures that I get to enjoy again and again.

I started this blog because I felt an almost desperate need to share my love and excitement about books that I read. I'm always honored when an author allows me to read and share my opinions about their books  before the book has been published. I don't believe in posting reviews that bash a book or it's author. The reviews I post here are either rated a 4 or 5 star. If I didn't enjoy the book enough for a high rating then I'm not going to spend the time to review it. If I have nothing nice to say then I don't say it. 

I also participate in Promo Tours and Cover Reveals. I share my posts on my Facebook page and Twitter.