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Blog Tour: The Infamous Ellen James (Infamous #1) by NA Alcorn {Review + Giveaway}

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: November 29th 2013
Series: Infamous #1
Format: Kindle
Source: Provided by author for tour

Meet twenty-eight year old Ellen James. A sarcastic, feisty, foul-mouthed ER Nurse. She is snarky, sassy, and sometimes crudely inappropriate. After a terrible breakup with her fiancĂ©, Ellen has promised herself that she will never make the mistake of falling for another man again… and physicians, well she’s more than written them off. Once she meets sexy Trauma Surgeon, Dr. Trent Hamilton, this promise is unbelievably hard to keep. This too-hot-for-Ellen's-own-good man is undeniably sexy and down-right irresistible. He leaves her breathless, speechless, and irritatingly turned on. He makes her fantasize about him in all kinds of dirty, inappropriate ways. With the help of her obnoxious, and often times hilarious best friend Amy, Ellen will find herself in several crazy, embarrassing situations. This is a story of friendship, love and how one very sarcastic woman can find the strength to pick up the pieces after having her heart broken. In her first novel, N.A. Alcorn provides interesting takes on the word vagina, while giving you a reason to re-think your next visit to the Emergency Room. This book is bound to make you laugh, smile, and provide you with enough sarcasm to choke your grandmother. No, N.A. doesn’t want anything bad to happen to your Grandma Ruth, but she does want you to strongly consider re-naming your vibrator after a guy who’s at the top of your spank bank rotation. Be prepared for dripping juice-boxes, awkward pelvic thrusting, and a little suspense to keep your snatch on edge. Warning: This novel contains explicit sex, profanity and far too much vaginal humor. This novel is not meant for anti-fornicators, up-tight prudes, or virgins who refuse to go to Pound Town.

My Review:

Judging by the synopsis I expected this book to be laugh out loud funny and extremely sexy. What I got was a little bit deeper and unexpected. The Infamous Ellen James was was a book filled with some sweet romance, extremely dirty jokes, a sexy Surgeon and some off guard serious moments.

Much to my surprise the prologue is in the point of view of the sexy surgeon Trent as he's watching Ellen give a presentation to a roomful of doctors. During her presentation and slide show she encounters an embarrassing moment that unknowingly endears Trent to her. When the story begins Ellen is reliving the moment she caught her fiance in the act of cheating. Right away I connected with her in true female solidarity. While I would have set his entire world on fire, Ellen chooses to get shwasted and try to forget the whole ordeal. Along with her best friend and fellow nurse Amy they turn the town upside down and make some seriously bad yet hilarious decisions. Ellen is one crazy ass female and the shit she gets herself into is both hilarious and insane. IT becomes obvious Tequila is NOT her friend the harder she tries to forget about her ex. Being an Er nurse, Ellen has countless and vivid stories of patients she encounters on a daily basis that both scared me and tickled me. She was a an everyday character that wasn't your typical romance heroine. She was almost always silly, loud and at times obnoxious but when Trent comes into the picture you begin to see the facade of her broken heart melt away and who she really is comes out more.

Dear Lord, Trent Hamilton is sexy, sweet, romantic and extremely HOT! I loved him from the minute he started talking and didn't stop loving him once the book was over. He comes to Ellen's hospital specifically because he remembers her and wants to get to know her...panties! Yes, it's true that at first, like all men, he wants nothing more than to put his business in her USB port but once he gets to know her he falls hard for her. I loved me some Trent. Not only does he give Ellen something to focus on besides her broken heart but he becomes her hero in more ways than one as the story continues. I kept thinking that he was going to be just another dickhead Doctor stuck on himself and would eventually break her heart but he was just amazing. It's really hard to write a guy who doesn't add much conflict to the story and still make him believable and make you fall in love with him but I think Alcorn really hit the jackpot with Trent. He was the perfect mix of sexy, sweet and strong without being a dick and doing what guys do to ruin their relationships. He was exactly the kind of man a woman like Ellen James needed. She was a handful at best at any given time and Trent handle her with the right amount of humor and heart.

The story takes a turn for the intense when Ellen is attacked one night by a patient and fights for her life. I really hate scenarios like this and find myself shying away from stories that deal with this particular subject. It's hard for me to handle, especially when I have become attached to the characters like I did here. I hated seeing Ellen left in shambles after such an ordeal and felt like the story was kind of rushed after that. After weeks of self isolation and pushing Trent away it just felt to me like the issue was swept under the rug and forgotten. There were a few times that Ellen would go off on a tangent and ramble a little bit and at times the vagina talk was a little too much for me. I also could have used a bit more from trent's point of view but overall I think this debut novel had a great start. I loved the romance between Ellen and Trent, the friendship between her and Amy and the absolutely out of control patient stories. I highly recommend this to anyone with a sense of humor and can handle raunchy best friends and steamy romance. Ellen James was a wonderful start to what I am sure will be a fun and flirty series.


When guys talk about "beer goggles" I always kind of thought they were full of shit, but now I can say I understand this term one hundred and ten percent. I have had my share of leaving with a hot fucking ten and waking up next to a sweaty, smelly, and far too hairy five. Kindle 6%

"I would give my left nut to know what's going on inside that pretty little head of yours. But I can tell you, whatever you're feeling right now, I'm feeling it too." He kisses me gently before slowly putting me back on my feet. Kindle 49%

"You are all I could have ever hoped for and a million things I never knew I even wanted. You are mine, Casanova. This right here..." my fingers gently tap his chest." This is mine and I will never let it go." Kindle 91%


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About The Author:
N.A. Alcorn is a wife, mother, labor and delivery nurse, writer, and blogger. She lives in Cincinnati with her husband and three-year-old son, Sid. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, running, and having inappropriate conversations with her blog besties. She also has a serious addiction to music and her all-time favorite band is Incubus. Her ability to eat an ungodly amount of Reese’s Cups in a fifteen minute time frame would quite literally blow your mind. 



  1. My sister is a nurse so I'd read this for that alone. She have told me about bitchy nurses like the heroine and how horrible it is to work with them so I may not find her endearing right away. But I do love McDreamy romances so I might like this just the same

  2. I've been curious about this one. Trent sounds Hot AF. I'm glad you liked it overall, despite the rushed ending.


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