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Wicked Winter Saturdays 3/9: One Wild Night by Amelia James

Baby, it's cold outside! Time to snuggle up with a mug of hot chocolate (or a glass of wine!) and fall into a steamy, sexy book.

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Series: Wild Novella #1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Author: Amelia James
Format: ARC Submitted for review by Author
Rating: 5 Stars

“Let me get this straight.” Jake looked Lucien in the eye. “If you lose this hand, I take your girlfriend home.”

Never anger a gypsy with the powers of hell at his fingertips. But that’s exactly what Jake Marshall does when he wins Lucien’s girlfriend in a drunken poker game. 

The Great War is over and Jake wanders through Eastern Europe looking for adventure, romance or maybe just a good stiff drink. When he meets beautiful, exotic Miranda, he knows she can give him everything he wants... for tonight at least. Jake can’t decide if her magic touch scares him or turns him on. Can he trust her?

Miranda is looking for a way out. She's suffered Lucien’s abuses far too long, and Jake offers the escape she craves. The cocky American is bold, brash and carries too many guns, but she likes that in a man.

They're enjoying the magic between them when Lucien unleashes an ancient curse, forcing Jake and Miranda to flee into the dark black forest while the minions of hell pursue them through endless hours of midnight. And the constant erotic distractions between the two only make matters worse. Jake can only fight for so long, and Miranda’s powers are pushed to the limit. She can break the curse... if they survive One Wild Night.

If anyone can pack heat, adventure and romance into a short story it's Amelie James. This one kicks off with Jake Marshall at a card game in a gypsy camp and he's winning. Playing against a scary dude named Lucien he really pisses him off when he beats him at another hand. The whole time Jake has been eye fucking Miranda, a beautiful gypsy woman who can't keep her eyes off him either. With nothing left to bet Lucien uses Miranda and when Jake wins the hand, and Miranda's company Lucien gets pissed and curses them. Jake and Miranda are enjoying their exploration of each other when strange creatures start to attack them from every angle! Every time they get rid of one they barely have any time to recover before another threat arises. Miranda tries to help Jake using the magic she has learned from watching Lucien but she isn't as good which causes some funny moments between them. I'm not normally a fan of Historical Romance but you can hardly tell with this book because there is so much going on in this little novella that your focus is always moving with the plot. Jake was a really witty, funny and charming character. He was so damn sexy and rugged. James knows how to write a male character that melts your panties and makes you swoon. Jake fought tooth and nail to protect Miranda throughout the fight with the creatures Lucien unleashed on them. Seeing Miranda and Jake try to work together almost had a Lucy and Desi feel to it in the way they handled the situations. When the smoke clears and the book comes to a close we are left salivating for more adventures from these two characters. This was a fun short read that made me laugh in spots and swoon in others. 

"I'm stuck in the woods in the middle of God knows where, with a gypsy witch who doesn't know what the hell she's doing." ARC Loc. 347

"Oh Jake, do you want me as much as I want you? Yeah I do baby, but that's the knife handle." ARC Loc.433

"He moaned and closed his eyes, grabbing her hips in an effort to control her movements. You're gonna hurt us both if you don't let me hold the reigns" ARC Loc. 561

Amelia James started reading steamy romance novels in junior high, but her mom took them away from her, so she started daydreaming instead. After she got married, she wrote some of her naughtier daydreams down and sent them to Playgirl magazine. Two of them got published.  She kept daydreaming and writing stories until her dirty stories turned into trashy books. 
She lives in Colorado, but she’ll always be a loyal Wisconsin Cheesehead. When she’s not lusting after her next bad boy hero, she looks for inspiration in sci-fi and action movies, football players, bloodsucking lawyers, muscle cars, and kick-butt chicks.


  1. I made a sim porno about One Wild Night. Not specifically after this book. Just a sim dude getting it on with other sims. Ahhh, I miss the hacks they had in sims2. If you search under Xtube you can find them. lol.

    Those monster things sound like a real cock block if you ask me. :-P

  2. Nice. I love the quotes. Amelia James certainly knows how to pack the heat.

  3. I'm not a huge HR fan either, but this one sounds pretty good! Action, heat, and passion sounds like a win to me!

  4. Nice! I love the quotes! I've only read one if Amelia's books, but I really liked it and it was HOT! Great review!

  5. I absolutely love when quotes are added in a review. Nice review!

  6. Go Amelia! Your books are always hot!!


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