Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blog Tour: Character Interview + Giveaway Face The Music by Andrea K. Robbins

Series: Stand Alone
Genre: NA/Contemporary
Publication Date: June 14th 2012

After losing her mother in a tragic accident, Allison Banks takes on the sole responsibility of caring for her little sister, her young niece, and her disabled grandmother. When her long-term boyfriend walks out, offering little in the way of explanation, Allison is left totally confused and utterly heartbroken. To cope, the 24-year-old closes herself off to any serious relationships and dives into her work as a graduate student.

Needing the extra income, Allison takes a job for the hot, new, reality TV show, Superstardom. Captivated by the competition’s front-runner, the mysterious and sexy singer, Chris Knots, Allison dismisses her attraction as nothing more than a silly, school-girl crush. But, when the hunky performer reveals an interest of his own, Allison must work through her reservations and decide if there’s room in her life for something more.

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I'm sitting in a coffeehouse, face to face with Chris Knots. It's been almost a year since his big win on Superstardom, and I'm here to bring you all the juicy little tidbits and ask those questions we've all been wondering. He's wearing light-washed distressed jeans, a grey and white patterned button-down, and his signature black leather jacket. A pair of silver mirrored Avaitor  sunglasses sits on the table.

"Hi, Chris. Thank you for seeing me today. Are you ready to get started?"

"Sure," he says with a charismatic grin. “What would you like to know?”

"Let’s start with this. What are some of your annoying habits?"

He laughs. "I chew my fingernails. And I drink milk from the carton. It bothers Allie. She lectures me all the time about how gross it is, but there's just something about the way milk tastes
straight out of the jug. You just can’t get that with a cup."

"What annoys you?"

"I can’t stand liars. Or fake people. Rudeness. Poor manners. How much time do we have? I could probably go on for awhile.”

It’s my turn to laugh. “We get the picture, I think. What do you foresee in your immediate future?"

"I try not to think too far ahead. I want to live each day, one at a time, and make them all matter. But I hope to continue to write songs and record albums."

"And with Allie?"

He fiddles with the sunglasses and looks down, smiling. "Things are going great. Really, really great, actually."

"What was it that made you keep pursuing her, even after all the times she pushed you away?"

"Well, I guess I just knew she was something worth having. Smart, sexy, complicated, and interesting all rolled into one. I think the part that really got me, at least in the beginning, was that she treated me just like she would anyone else. There wasn't anything
fake about her."

"What was your first impression of her?"

" Sophisticated. Intelligent. Gorgeous. I could tell right away she was a caring and sincere person. And I really liked that."

"Will we be hearing any big announcements anytime soon, as far as the two of you are concerned?"

He gives me a big smile and drums his fingers on the table. "I've got
plans, but I can't say
anything more than that. Wouldn't want to ruin the surprise."

"Of course not,” I say, respecting his privacy. “Switching gears, we all
know you idolize Elvis what are some of your favorite contemporary bands?"*

"I really like this band called Daughtry, ever heard of them? You should
check them out,”
he says when I shake my head. “Some others are Shinedown, Nickelback, Seether, Creed, Staind. There are so many!"

"What’s your idea of a dream vacation?"

"On a deserted island, preferably nude, with Allie."

That makes me laugh. “And with that, we’re out of time. Thank you so much
for doing this. I hope we can get together again sometime.”

“Absolutely,” he says. “And stay tuned. Assuming things go my way, there’s going to be a lot more to tell.”

Born and raised in eastern Missouri, Andrea K. Robbins is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia and Idaho State University and hold degrees in Human Nutrition, Biological Sciences, and Secondary Education. She currently resides in southern Idaho with her husband and two young daughters and enjoys teaching Jr. and High School science and health classes at a local school district. Robbins is also working toward her Masters degree in Science Education through Montana State University. When not working, she can be found spending time with her family or getting lost in a sappy love story.



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