Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cover Reveal: The Game Changer by Jen Sterling

The highly anticipated follow up to the USA Today Best Selling book, The Perfect Game by J. Sterling- Coming 2013 (Release Date To Be Announced Soon!)

If you haven't read The Perfect Game yet you should. It's the most frustratingly amazing book that will piss you off and make you hate the main character! It's also a book that will bury itself into your subconcious and won't let go! I got pissed off at the author and fell in love with her at the same time. She delivers a gut wrenching story about a cocky baseball player named Jack Carter that falls for and subsiquintly fucks up his relationship with  his college sweetie-pie Cassie Andrews. I hope The Game Changer is just as fucked up and beautiful as it's predessesor. If you can suffer through beautiful Disaster then trust me, you can make it through this!

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