Sunday, October 28, 2012

Review of Confessions of an Alli Cat, Author Courtney Cole

Hey ladies ☻ So you may have noticed this cover on the blog already. Hootie of course has shared her insight on the book but we both read it and LOVED it hard core. This pretty much represents how excited we were:

This book was the perfect combination of funny, well hysterical really,and sexy. I literally cried laughing and then found myself sitting in a puddle, not of the tear variety. Oh and by the way, this book is for mature audiences, and I barely qualify. I'll admit this book schooled me on quite a few things. The more I read New/Mature adult books the more nieve I realize I have been.

We all need a BFF like Alli's friend Sara. They share all their secrets and Sara has a knack for getting Alli into situations that would make me join the witness protection program due to embarrassment. First it's Geronimo, and then it's "beavers stimulating beavers", and then a date with a gigolo. Now picture the scene from 40 Year Old Virgin, nahhhh, just watch it:

"To Hair or Not to Hair? It's not even a sane question." The waxing scence alone in this book is enough that I feel whole heartedly that a Cougar Chronicles movie needs to be made. But Sara's not to blame for all of Alli's mishaps. Alli's smexy new boss gets an unintended twat shot. And Botox gone wrong is all her fault. Getting caught by the demi-god gigolo while doing a armpit "whiff test" also her own fault. And I have to mention "I'll suck it off" which had me laughing out loud. I can't wait for you to read what that's about.

With all of this amazing humor you will love the intimate scenes (also know as SEX scenes for the less prude). I can Not even begin to explain how hot it gets up'n heyah.

I loved these characters. I loved this book. I love this author. I loved sharing the laughter with my BFF after we read the book. I loved it so much I had to share parts of it (the funny ones gutter dwellers) with my husband and I rarely do that. It's just one big love fest. This is one of my most fave books this year and is surely to be one of yours. Be sure to check out Hootie's Review a little further down. For more info on the book and author check the links below.
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