Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review of Nocturnal by Chelsea Cameron

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First off, I just love the cover. Gorgeous! A great cover always draws me in. And Secondly, I loved the characters right away. You have Ava, a high school student who's starting to face the painful steps of grieving as her mothers cancer becomes terminal. You can't help but love her mother. Ava is far from ready to deal with the emotions of her mothers impending death and she can't bring herself to tell her two best friends that her mother is dying. Her BFF's are Tex, a girl with loads of tude and personality, and Jamie, the school hunk/jock. I did find myself kinda wishing Ava would fall for Jamie. He's pretty awesome but stuggling in his family life as well. Then comes along mister dark and handsome. Unfortunately Ava finds him in the cemetary where she goes as her peaceful place. She doesn't have a death wish but her reckless choices could lead her to an early grave. I can't explain why I fell so quickly for this guy Peter and neither can Ava. He takes his time in explaining exactly what he is and what he's intentions are for Ava. I know what I hope the outcome will be. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.    

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