Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cornerstone Giveaway

You want it?........I've got it!

Because i'm such a huge fan of the book Cornerstone and the brilliant author Misty Provencher i'm going to GIVEAWAY a Paperback copy of the book. All you have to do is follow my blog. I will choose a random follower as the winner.(US only).

I love to put a face with the characters as I read. Here are my picks. I would love to see who you would choose for these characters. Please leave a comment if you have any ideas.

                   Jocelin Donahue as Nalena                Aaron Johnson as Garrett

                                                             Jack Black as the Addo

                                                         Catherine Keener as Evangeline
                                                                        (Nalena's Mother)

CORNERSTONE is the story of Nalena Maxwell,

a girl who recieves the wrong dang sign of an ancient

community that is responsible for maintaining the intellectual

evolution of the human race. And if the choices coming aren't

tough enough, there's a with liquid blue eyes...that

understands exactly who and what Nalena is.
Available in paperback and ebook at:

Please be sure to check out Misty's page for sneak peeks of the next book in the series titled Keystone. You can also continue to follow Misty on her Blog tour.
My Review:
 I was totally captivated with this book. This story about a 17year old girl named Nalena pulled at my heart. Nalena is an outcast in High School. She's been raised by a single Mom that spends every waking moment writing what Nalena thinks are unfinished plot lines. Her Mom Evangeline can't throw out any of the pages she writes. It has cost Nalena her home, financial security and worst of all it's the reason she was given the nickname The Waste at school. When her Mom finally starts to trust Nalena with her families history she wishes having a Mom that hoards paper was her biggest problem.
There are lots of characters to love in this story. I fell in love with Garrett right along with Nalena. The supernatural community in the story was different and easy to accept. I couldn't put the book down. I really look forward to the next book in the series. Congratulations to the author Misty Provencher for creating an amazing story and for her determination to get it published on her own.


  1. I am totally impressed, Gloria. No, I'm kind of blown away. While Nalena is a different interpretation than the Nalena in my head, I was really amazed at how right-on your Nalena pick was for me. I mean, WOW. Garrett, I can see it if we can straighten his hair, dye it darker and pop in some bluer contacts. Jack Black and Catherine Keener? Genius. Absolutely.

  2. I agree with're a genius with Jack Black and Catherine Keener as your picks! great post Globug!

  3. Great cast you have thought up...also following you but I am in give the book to someone close to you!

    Hey, why not follow me at

    I am a first time writer and fingers crossed this book will be available as an ebook by June....

    Love the contents of your blog by the way.

    David P Perlmutter

  4. AND THE WINNER IS: Ardna12 Thanks to all my followers!

  5. Congrats Ardna12!!! Hope the story brings you joy!


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