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Promotional Event: Breakdown by Ellie Grace {Excerpt + Giveaway}

Welcome to our stop on the BREAKDOWN promotional tour! We are excited to bring you these goodies as well as info on the other books in the series! Be sure to check out the teasers and giveaway below. Thanks for stopping by!

Title: Breakdown by Ellie Grace
Age group: NA/Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Designer: Okay Creations, Sarah Hansen
Publication Date: Fall 2014
Hosted by: Wordsmith Publicity


Amy Porter has had a thing for her twin brother’s best friend since she was a teenager. After being considered “one of the boys” throughout her childhood, he’s the first guy to look at her and see past the tomboy she used to be. Unfortunately, he’s also completely off-limits. She does her best to move on as the years go by, but it’s not until her life takes a drastic turn that she finally accepts the fact that they aren’t meant to be. However, as her world crumbles around her, Nate always seems to be close by to help her pick up the pieces.

Nate Miller knows that Amy is the one girl he can never have. No matter how badly he wants her, he won’t risk destroying his friendship; especially when her brother goes overseas with the Marines and makes Nate promise to look out for her. As life continues to get in the way and keep them apart, the only logical choice is to give up… but giving up is the last thing he wants to do.

With so many obstacles stacked up against them, can they make it or are they headed for a breakdown?


He takes a hesitant step toward me, his eyes pleading as they stare down into mine. “I’m so sorry. You have to know that I would never intentionally hurt you. God, if things were different, I…”
“Nate, stop,” I choke out, knowing that my heart can’t bear to hear him finish that sentence. “Nothing can ever happen between us. I understand that now.”

I can see it on his face that my sudden acceptance comes as a surprise to him. He probably expected me to put up a fight or disagree with him, because in the past, I almost certainly would have. There’s no point in arguing now, though.
He frowns. “Right, uh… yeah. For now, anyway. Who knows, maybe someday Dex will be okay with it.”

I shake my head. “It won’t matter, Nate. We need to just let it go and move on.” The words taste bitter and deceitful as they pour from my mouth, but I force them out. The hurt that appears in his eyes as he absorbs them is enough to break me, and I have to fight back the tears that are threatening to spill down my cheeks.
“Amy…” He slowly lifts his hand to my face, brushing his thumb across my jaw with a caress so light and delicate, I almost don’t feel it.

The first tear breaks free, tumbling down my cheek. It’s followed shortly after by another, and whatever was holding me together inside suddenly shatters.

“I’m pregnant.”


This Time Around and Break Away, companions to Breakdown

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About the Author:

Ellie Grace is an avid reader, chocolate lover and caffeine addict. When a story popped into her head that she couldn’t seem to shake, she decided to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a writer. When she’s not writing, she’s usually curled up with a book by one of her many, many favorite authors.

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