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{Review} The Troublemaker Next Door (The McCauley Brothers #1) by Marie Harte

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Age Group: Adult
Publication Date: June 3rd 2014
Series: McCauley Brothers #1
Pages: 352
Format: eARC
Source: Provided by Netgalley

He can fix her sink, but can he wrench his way into her heart? Flynn McCauley never thought he’d be so cliché as to fall for the girl next door. But when Maddie calls him over to help fix her faulty sink, he’s a goner. Too bad the fiercely independent interior designer wants nothing to do with him. Even worse, he’s forced to rely on the advice of his nosy brothers—and his five-year-old nephew!—to figure out how to make her give him a shot.

When one of your close friends sends text after text and tweet after tweet BEGGING you to read a listen. I'm glad I did because The Troublemaker Next Door was every bit as funny, sexy and charming as I had hoped it would be. (Thanks Andrea!)

One thing I love and am dying to see more of in books is the Average Joe hero. NO Billionaires, no white collar stuffy executives who sit behind desks and never get their hands dirty. No! I want a rugged rough and tumble kind of man in my stories. The kind of guy who comes home covered in dirt from a hard days work. UNF! Flynn McCauley is that guy ladies. A plumber by trade, he comes from a long line of hard working men of noble Irish stock. Maddie and her best friend Abby along with her cousin Vanessa just so happen to live next door to Mike, Flynn's brother and landlord. When they have a leaky sink needing fixed it's Flynn to the rescue. First meetings are always awkward but none more so than the meeting of Flynn and Maddie. While fixing their sink Maddie storms in after a bad day at work, ranting and raving like a psycho. 

Being a fiery redhead Maddie had every right to be upset after her boss made a pass at her causing her to quit her job. I liked the guts with this chick. She was feisty, independent and strong. Maddie knew what she wanted and worked hard to get it. Her attraction to Flynn couldn't have come at a worse time after breaking up with her boyfriend Ben for being too clingy and walking away after she issued an ultimatum. Maddie was a tough chick to get behind sometimes. Yes I love a fierce heroine but she had moments where I wanted to jump ship. I connected with the fact she was raised by her mother singlehandedly and her father wasn't around. Hell I can understand being anti men after being abandoned by your father but when faced with a good guy who wants more from you like Flynn, you grab that sexy bastard and hold on.

Flynn McCauley was everything and nothing hurts! Loyal, sexy, hard working and family oriented, Flynn was every woman's fantasy. After being warned by his brother Mike not to get involved with the neighbors and cause any trouble Flynn listened to his big brother and did as he was told. HA! Sike! He totally got involved. He can't help it though, he's a total ladies man. Flynn wasn't looking for anything serious other than a good time. even though he's got several lady "Friends" he could call he finds something unique about Maddie that hols his interest. Maddie isn't looking for anything but the two are seriously attracted to one another so Flynn agrees to just be her FWB. Most oversexed guys in books now tend to turn me off but Flynn had an excellent mix of wanderlust and fidelity about him. Flynn did everything he could to make things easy for Maddie even putting his own feelings on the back burner so he didn't push her. Don't think he just kept his mouth shut though because there's only so much a man can take before he stakes his claim. The firm hand he used to get Maddie's attention for good made me admire him and respect him that much more.

The fun part comes in the form of every single secondary character written into this story! I have to say one of the best parts of the book was the little hellion son of Mike McCauley, Colin. The little scene stealer showed up and added humor in random places putting a smile on my face when I was pissed at my MC's. His story also made me sad after finding out he lost his mother and is being raised by his father Mike, It's really a family effort to help the single dad out and with no real female influence the poor kid didn't have a fighting chance. Especially once his uncle Brody teaches him a few tricks of the trade that'll be sure to turn him into a heart breaker when he's older. Speaking of Brody, he has a juicy little back story that wasn't talked up much but the crumbs left behind made me feel like a thieving raccoon at times.

Maddie's best friend Abby bears a striking resemblance to Mike's deceased wife and the hints dropped at Brody's past feelings towards her have me at Harte's mercy patiently waiting for the story between Abby and Brody. Especially with that snippet at the end of the book. The big family feel of the story coupled with the amazing sexy chemistry between Flynn and Maddie made this one amazing reading experience. I loved that everyone had a part in bringing this couple together. Sometimes nosey family members are great to have a round. The secondary characters were perfectly incorporated into the story and never felt used solely to move the plot along. Harte created a family dynamic that complimented the story and gave me something to look forward to in the coming books. The Troublemaker Next Door was a great read with sweet and funny characters, saucy romance and big big love. I'm glad I listened to my friend on this one and you'll be glad you listened to me telling you to go read it!


"Ah. Crack, the non addictive kind. The pants too low for you?"
She shuddered.
"Way too low."
So much for thinking the woman was shy. 
"But yours seem okay. Forgive me for making generalizations."
She walked him to the front door.
"No problem. But if you want, I could wear my pants really
 low for you the next time your sink clogs."
She winked.
 "Sounds good to me."
eARC 5%

"Seriously, why didn't Brody or I know about the neighbors? It's not like I'm a dog. I'm not going to hump them in public."
 At Mike's look, he flushed. 
"For God's sake, I was twenty years old and drunk.
 The girl wasn't even real.
 It was a mannequin and it was all Brody's idea." eARC 9%

"I know. I'm always right. See, that's what you need to learn before you'll be perfect. 
You're close, but not quite there. You just need to learn and believe that last bit. 
Say it with me. Flynn is always right."
 She punched him in the gut, pleased when he whooshed out a breath. 
"But you love me." He grinned. 
She grinned right back. "But I love you." eARC 98%

About The Author:

Marie Harte is an avid reader who loves all things paranormal and futuristic. Reading romances since she was twelve, she fell in love with romance and happy endings and knew writing was her calling. Years later after the Marine Corps, Information Technology, and 60 hour work weeks, her dream has finally come true. Marie lives in Oregon with her family and is constantly reading and writing


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  1. Yay! I'm so excited you loved this too! I honestly laughed so hard and I loved Colin too. Cant wait for more! Great review!

    Did you get books two and three on NetGalley?

  2. Oh yay! I have this one!! I really like the average joe heroes (and heroines too). I've managed to read quite a few of them lately and was so refreshing. Glad to see you enjoyed this one Amanda!


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