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{Review} UNTAMED (Untamed #1) by Victoria Green and Jinsey Reese

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: New Adult
Publication Date: April 15th 2014
Series: Untamed #1
Pages: 152
Format: eARC
Source: Provided by author

Rich, beautiful, and wild, Reagan McKinley has everything she needs...but nothing that she wants. That is, until she spends one hot night in the arms of sexy, unbridled Dare Wilde. She's a girl trapped in a rigid world she desperately wants to escape, and he's an untamed artist with an attitude, hell-bent on freeing her—body, mind, and soul. But Reagan's life is not her own, and Dare is not welcome in it. She can't include him in her carefully-controlled, extremely public lifestyle...and yet she cannot give him up. Will a shared passion for art—and, increasingly, each other—be enough to keep them together? Or will it be the thing that ultimately tears them apart?

My Review:

When I pick up a book I always go into it with mixed feelings. I'm hopeful that I will connect with the story but at the same time not overly hopeful in case it doesn't happen and I am left feeling let down. Untamed is a story I went into feeling like I would enjoy it but not really expecting it to reach into my guts and pull out such a strong reaction from me but to my surprise it absolutely did. the first thoughts that ran through my head when I finished were

"Shit!! This can't be over already?!! I need more!! More Dare, more Ree, more of the passion and intense chemistry between these two characters!!" 

A rich girl. An average guy. Two people who find in each other something to grab onto in this crazy world? Yeah. Untamed was amazing! 

Reagan is running. Away from her perfect life and the sterile lack of warmth it provides. Finding her solace in pills, booze and one nights stands. She;s not a girl who was looking for anything serious but during a night out at a trendy club she meets the sexy, dark and intense Dare Wilde. She's way outside of his league but they can't deny the connection between them. I had no idea when I started that I would get so wrapped up in the story because I can hardly relate to a wealthy socialite who is disillusioned with her wealth, because I live in the freaking ghetto! I've never had much money and have had to work for everything I've gotten in life. But I could understand her disgust at constantly being told what to do and being at the mercy of the ones who held the money which in turn controlled her. Her parents. Being a free spirit I can't imagine what it would be like to have someone constantly telling me what to do because I do what I want. Reagan doesn't have it so lucky so I could totally understand her wanting to escape with pills, booze and random guys for however brief the escape lasts.

Dare Wilde can have my panties, my babies and anything else I can give up for him. This guys, seriously, Dare was fiercely intriguing and sexy. He's a passionate guy who paints beautiful images on canvas and busts his ass to take care of his family. Running from his own issues with his father in jail for murder and his mother a former junkie he's not at all what Reagan is used to. He knows this and tries to warn her away with little effect. She always gets what she wants but he sees inside to the girl craving normalcy and opens her up like a flower. It wasn't a situation where she needed him to be herself, it was more like he saw she was hiding herself behind drugs and sex and took the time to discover who she was. Dare has a very strong personality to be such a quiet and laid back guy. I kept asking myself as I read further "What else can Dare do to make me love him more?" then he would say something amazing to Reagan or support her in a difficult time or just be there for her and I died a thousand times. Dare didn't have the easiest life but his willingness to shoulder the burden Reagan carried around was astonishing and selfless.

With two people from completely different sides of life situations it's almost a star crossed love story. With Reagan's family preparing for political aspirations it's only a matter of time before her and Dare are tested through trials. I always hate coming to these types of crossroads in a story but with five more serials in the series left to go there's so much more to tell between these two. These characters are pushed to their limits and with the painful way this novella closed I'm a little terrified to keep going. it's to late for me now though because I'm at the mercy of Jinsey and Green especially seeing where the next one picks up at. SAVE YOURSELVES!! Lol. Untamed blew me away with it's angst and intensity. It provided me a much needed escape that had me tuning out everything and everyone until I was finished. Nothing beats a thoughtful and honest look into the lives of two characters forced apart but destined to be together. 


~ I didn't trust love. It had never done anything for me but give false hope, mask manipulation, and break me. I had no delusions about love anymore--I'd lost my innocence four years ago. eARC 2%

~ The pulsing, swirling licks of his tongue, the firmness of his muscles, the scent of fresh rain on his skin. I lost myself in him. Wanted to stay there forever. We needed each other. eARC 45%

~ "Just for tonight, let me be enough., Ree." He grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head. His fingers wove through my hair as he kissed his way down my chin and throat to my chest.
 "Say I'm enough."
 I nodded. He was enough. 
And that scared the shit out of me. eARC 67%

~ "All the most beautiful pieces of art have flaws. Sometimes that's exactly what makes them priceless." eARC 86%

About Victoria Green:
Victoria Green is a New Adult Romance author with a soft spot for unspoken love and second chances. A travel junkie at heart, she believes in true love, good chocolate, great films, and swoon-worthy books. She lives in Canada with her high school sweetheart (who’s graduated to fianc√©) and their pack of slightly crazy, but extremely lovable puppies.


About Jinsey Reese:
Jinsey Reese writes sometimes hot, sometimes sweet, but always steamy contemporary romance about twentysomethings. She loves to put her characters into embarrassing or impossible situations and see what happens...especially when rock-hard abs are involved. She has a deep undying love for Johnny Depp, chocolate-mint everything, and lavender roses.



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