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Tangled Thing Called Love (Love and Life on the Lam #3) by Juliet Rosetti {Review}

Genre: Chick Lit/Contemporary Romance
Age Group: Adult
Expected Publication Date: April 28th 2014
Publisher: Loveswept/Random House
Pages: 280
Series: Love and Life on the Lam #3
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley provided by publisher

Mazie’s boyfriend—photojournalist and sex god Ben Labeck—might be trouble on two very strong, very sexy legs, but he’s got no idea what he’s signing up for when he invites himself along to the family farm in Quail Hollow to meet the Maguires. Mazie knows that bringing a guy home is a recipe for disaster, especially when she’s not sure whether their relationship is serious or just seriously steamy. That goes double when she finds herself reluctantly squeezing back into a bikini and sash for the anniversary of a supposedly cursed local beauty pageant. All this is wreaking havoc on Mazie’s love life. Suddenly Ben’s too busy playing gentleman farmer on the Maguire estate to indulge in a more discreet kind of play in Mazie’s bed. And when he’s not tilling the soil, he’s digging up dirt on the Curse of Miss Quail Hollow. Maybe that swimsuit competition isn’t such a bad way to get Ben’s attention back where it belongs—and get him to admit that he’s head-over-heels in love with her.


Nancy Drew to the rescue!! Just kidding, but Mazie Maguire is back in a another hilarious and sexy new adventure with her beefcake sidekick Ben Labeck. Speaking of Nancy Drew I loved those damn books as a kid and couldn't stop once I started them. Much in the same way The Love and Life on the Lam series has kept me completely at Rosetti's mercy from the beginning. this time the peanut gallery has to solve a 13 year old disappearance that involves the towns beauty pageant.

Mazie and Ben are a couple that infuriates me one minute then swoon the next. Their back and forth courtship Is like riding the Goliath at the Atlanta six flags. 175 feet drop at 70 mph. I honestly wouldn't have it any other way though because I adore these two. After the last book and their near death escape from a group of  killers I thought they would be on the road to reconciling but as per their usual the damn book began with them, again, NOT TOGETHER! (I'm seeing a pattern here). Yet another stupid misunderstanding involving Ben (always when a man is involved. Now I see why lesbians are popular). He took a job in California and Mazie let him go not wanting to hold him back. With the last book it was Ben that sent me into a "Hulk MackenRage" fit with his bullheadedness. Now Mazie is the self sacrificing one putting what she wants aside to let Ben have his career.

She's back in her hometown visiting family and taking care of her brothers kid while her S.I.L has a baby. Guess who shows up unannounced? YES! Everyones favorite sexpot knucklehead BEN! not only had he given up his semi glamorous job to win Mazie back but the way he does it is so amazingly sweet and rewarding for anyone who has read these books. While in town he decides he and Mazie should do a documentary on the disappearance of a local girl that started the curse of Quail Hollow. Tricky thing about digging up old ghosts is you usually find the people who buried them and Ben and Mazie find themselves in yet another ridiculously hilarious scenario full of danger and suspense. Not to mention while all this is taking place Mazie is having to relive her high school nightmare of competing in an annual beauty pageant she swore never to go through again. 

One of the things I love about this author is how well she utilizes her characters. Everyone plays a part and is so equally important that they never feel like secondary props. They have a purpose and connect to the main characters that in turn makes me fall for them just as much as I do with Mazie and Ben. Since her escape from prison Mazie hasn't made too many friends due to everyones preconceived opinion about her even though she was found innocent in the murder of her husband. Coming from a small town with equally small minds is no different so when she comes face to face with old nemeses-es. That's a word right? Anyway, What I'm trying to say is that I love, love, LOVED that Mazie made friendships and new bonds in this book on top the ones she's made back home. She's really starting to come out of her shell and make an effort to live her life with no regrets and it's been so much fun to watch her go through everything and come out such a strong female heroine. 

One thing I picked up on in this book was how the author spiced up the sex scenes a little bit more than she has in the past. In previous books it was eluded to with a vague fade to black, which didn't bother me in the slightest. I loved the characters so much I was just happy they stopped fighting against their connection. In Tangled Thing Called love however there was a little bit longer of a look inside the bedroom door between Mazie and Ben that really satisfied the voyeur in me. Bonus treat thrown in getting a little bit of that from Ben's perspective which made my heart beat triple time for him and my Labeck boner even more stiff. He's such a great guy and I say it with every review of this series but seriously, Ben is fantastic. He's sweet, impatient but understanding, strong yet gentle and down right SEXY. Coming back from a six week jaunt as a west coast videographer hell bent on sitting down and talking things out with Mazie was priceless. I Lloved watching him work things out with her and the sweet way he (hopefully) sealed the deal and finally snagged Mazie completely gave me the tummy flutters.

Another one bites the dust! There's no stopping the dynamic duo of Mazie Maguire and Ben Labeck. It's fun to watch them work together to solve these crazy crimes, make lasting friendships and fall in love again all while solving world hunger. Well... three out of four ain't bad. These books are a diamond in the rough and I can't implore you enough to give them a try. They are funny, witty, sexy and suspenseful and the writing is flawless. grab the books that always keep me laughing long after I've put them down, TODAY!


How could there be this parallel universe where males had never heard of Dirty Dancing? every woman worth her estrogen adored Dirty Dancing. eARC 19%

Her legs were bare and he was wearing shorts, and skin brushed skin, and it was so erotic he nearly groaned. She must have just taken a bath because she smelled so good he wanted to lick her - up, down, and all around. Her skirt hiked up and he wondered whether she was wearing panties underneath. He was becoming aroused. Very aroused, very hard, and very damn frustrated because it had been a long time since he'd made love to this woman. eARC 36%

"I don't know if there'd be enough time. They only give us three minutes for our talent." "There must be something you can do in three minutes." "Sex?" eARC 47%

Mazie could see Ben's face in the soft lamplight, his thick black eyelashes sweeping his cheeks, the white bandage on his forehead giving him a rakish look. Then he pulled her against him and she closed her eyes as his mouth found hers in a sizzling kiss. He dragged his mouth away, murmuring something in French against her throat. She had trouble with French verbs but got the gist: he wanted to fuck her brains out. eARC 72%

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About The Author:
Juliet Rosetti grew up on a Wisconsin farm. She has taught school in Milwaukee and in Sydney, Australia, where her duties included coaching cricket and basketball. Her work has appeared in The Milwaukee Journal, Chicago Tribune, and in many other publications. She is a past winner of Wisconsin Magazine’s Wordsmith Award for nonfiction. Currently she lives in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, with her husband and son, teaches in the local public school system, and is writing the next book in the Mazie Maguire series.


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