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Forever Jack by Natasha Boyd {Review}

 Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Published: December 2, 2013
Pages: 373
ARC provided by author for honest review

A feisty small-town girl and the Hollywood star who broke her heart

An all-consuming love threatened by fame

One last chance at FOREVER

Keri Ann Butler's life changed on the night she met movie star, Jack Eversea. She thought she knew a Jack that was very different to the man adored by fans the world over. In the wake of his betrayal and abandonment, Keri Ann has had to pick up and move forward with the life she was supposed to live and has put off far too long.

Suddenly Jack is back, and his explanations for why he left seem more and more plausible, and his declarations more seductive. But being Jack's latest tabloid accessory isn't on Keri Ann's career agenda, no matter how much she is attracted to him. And how can she can ever trust him again?

Jack knows he let the only 'real' thing that ever happened to him slip through his fingers. And his hands have been tied to try and stop it. Until Now.

Jack is now fighting to save his relationship with Keri Ann, even as his crazy life threatens to tear them apart. Again. The question is, can he convince her she can have it all? And have him? Forever?

Globug's Take

I was thrilled when Natasha Boyd invited me to read an ARC of Forever, Jack. I loved the first book in the series titled Eversea. It's one of my top 10 of the year. My heart was not happy at the the end of Eversea but was hopeful for the future of Jack and Keri Ann.

The story jumps right in where the first book ended. Jack is in the middle of discovering he has been deceived by Audrey and his agent Andy. And though Audrey had briefly been pregnant, she lost it before trying to use pregnancy as a reason for Jack to leave Keri Ann. I couldn't feel any sympathy at all for Audrey's loss as she proves to be an enormous lying manipulating b!tch. Now with very little hope of being able to fix things with Keri Ann, Jack is willing to risk it all to try.

Keri Ann has spent the last 7 months trying to move on from having her heart ripped out. She's going through the motions of dating and working and finally starting on her college/career path but she's not prepared when Jack shows up back in her town. He's ready to fight for her but Keri Ann won't give him the chance to tell her the whole story of what's happend since he left. She can't deny her heart still loves him but she's scared of more than just getting hurt again. She finally has a future planned with school and her art. How can she still do those things if she takes Jack back.

We get the details of Audrey's schemes as Jack explains his behavior and the choices his made over the last 5 months to one of only real friends Devon. Audrey is like a female satan. He feels like he was doing what he had to to protect Keri Ann but he just can't get her to listen or understand his choices. Thanks heavens for Mrs. Weaton, Keri Ann's meddling little old lady neighbor. She gives Keri just the push she needs to give Jack a chance.

One of my favorite parts of the book is the excerpt of Jack's journal. His mother is the sweetest. My emotions had my hiding from family as I read. Keri Ann finally gets to see the real Jack, all of his feelings and insecurities.  The pages give her his truth and his heart and the understanding that he was hurting just as much as she was while they were apart.

The author really brings the sweet heat to the story as Jack and Keri Ann reconcile. But of course we've only made it have way through the story and there have to be complications. I was pretty disappointed that her brother wasn't more supportive of their relationship. But he has good reasons for his his worry. I really hope Joey's story will be written. The sleeze of hollywood try to ruin the romance as well.

My heart breaks every time Jack has to beg and convince Keri Ann to not throw away their relationship. I understand she's scared but seriously, I was getting really pissed off with her indecision. I love Jack Eversea! When a girl tells a guy "if you really love me you'll leave" I want to just strangle someone. Thank God the author wrote Jack as a guy who doesn't listen but loves the girl enough to fight to stay. And thank you Natasha Boyd for that limo ride (pun intended). The epilogue  takes us four years into Jack and Keri Ann's future and it's perfect. I absolutely got the happy ending I was hoping for and then some.

Author Bio and Links
Natasha Boyd is a writer with a background in marketing and public relations. She lives in the coastal Carolina Lowcountry, complete with Spanish moss, alligators and mosquitoes the size of tiny birds.  She has a husband, two sons and a cat named Tuna.  Eversea is her first full-length novel.

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  1. I have the first book. I'm anxious to read it. I've heard good things. Glad you liked this.


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