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Waiting On Wednesday: Drop Everything Now (Picturing Perfect #3) by Alessandra Thomas {Exclusive Excerpt + Giveaway}

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking The Spine that spotlights upcoming releases that we are eagerly anticipating.

Andi Herrera is twelve weeks away from graduating college and starting her dream job—until her mom is in a serious car wreck. The traumatic car injury leaves Andi’s mom with severe retrograde amnesia, and Andi doesn't waste a minute dropping everything to fly from Philly to Vegas to be by her side. Since her mom and stepdad’s townhouse is too tiny for visitors, she needs a job and a place to stay—fast. She checks into a cheap hotel and meets Ryder Strong, one of the topless hosts at the hotel’s bar who takes dollars in the waistband from old ladies for tips, flexes his pecs for extra shifts, and happens to know a place that’s hiring — the casino floor at the same hotel where he works. Andi’s different from any girl Ryder’s met in Vegas, mainly because she’s focused on something besides drooling all over his abs. That’s because, in his second job, Ryder strips, teases, and pleases at a naughtier establishment. Things heat up fast between them, until an ill-informed encounter with a penis pump leaves Ryder’s sexy ass couch-ridden and jobless for at least a week. The only joystick Andi will be using is the one on Ryder’s video game controllers. Getting to know Ryder - and falling in love with him—has Andi finally wanting to stay in Vegas, even though her languishing grades back in Philly and Mom’s rapidly improving memory tell her it’s time to go. Both Andi and Ryder know what they have to do to keep true to themselves and to each other—they just don’t know if they have the strength to do it.

Why am I waiting? I loved the first two books in the series, Picture Perfect and Subject To Change with Subject taking my top slot in the series so far. BUT! The main reason I am looking forward to this is because the synopsis mentions a PENIS pump! This sounds like what Magic Mike should have been if it weren't for the old bastard in a thong. *shudders* Check out the sexy Excerpt below and enter the giveaway to win both ebooks in the series! 

**Warning the excerpt below is long and contains adult content, look away now if you're squeamish about naughty words... Oh yeah and this is a rough draft, subject to change upon publication**


Then it hit me. Cara's boyfriend's real name was Rob, and obviously Elton Johnson was a cheesy stage name.
"Cara," I hissed. "What's Ryder's stage name?"
She turned to me, wide-eyed. "Oh my God, he never told you? That idiot."

"Told me what?"

" Ryder is his stage name."

Holy shit. I'd let a guy whose real name I didn't know lick my pussy? I started to feel faint, but somehow found the strength to ask, "Ryder what?"

But at exactly that moment, the girls went crazy for the end of Rob's act, and the whistle of tumbleweed-rolling, ghost town movie set lilted through the room.

Kat's voice came oozing through the speakers, though I couldn't see her.  "Some men keep the peace, and some men break the law. Some nights, it's hard to tell which our next dancer is, but whichever one he does, he always looks damn good doing it. Ladies, please welcome to the stage....RYDER STRONG."

Ryder Strong.

Ride-her Strong. 

Oh my god. 

Oh my GOD.

 How had I not put that together until now? More feelings than I could count flooded through me all at once. Embarrassment being the biggest. But then, two strong footsteps back stage made me snap my head up.

In a blur of smoke, red lights, and the electric-guitar chords of "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy," Ryder came cartwheeling and double-back flipping from the stage, landing front and center and whipping two black pistols out of hidden pockets in his flapping faux-leather chaps.

The girls went absolutely nuts as he strolled back and forth across the stage, pointing the guns at several of the girls, mock-shooting and winking at the same time. After he threw them into the crowd, he shimmied back and forth across the stage, grinding his hips into nothing and still looking absolutely fucking incredible. He hooked his thumbs into his belt loops and did some line-dance style moves back and forth across the stage before falling on his belly and thrusting his hips and knees against the floor in time with the music to make him move forward, showing off every single one of his incredible back muscles in live action. It was like the erotic version of that stupid snake dance the guys in middle school used to do.
And I ate every second of it up.

He stood up again, grabbing the sides of his vest and teasing it open in time with the music. When the girls squealed, he paused and shouted, "You want it off? Why didn't you just say so?"
And even though I'd seen him with his shirt off half a dozen times by now - even felt that delicious-looking torso pressing up against me - I wanted it off, too. Bad. He was a master at making me want to stare at every possible inch of his skin.

When he shrugged out of his vest, the sighs and swoons that rippled through the room mixed a soundtrack of raging, colliding hormones through the room. It was exactly the same soundtrack going on in my head. Every golden, greased up muscle danced in the red-lit shadows. Even though I knew Ryder was dancing for a whole room full of women - for cash - I couldn't get the thought out of my head. "He's yours, Andi. All yours." Even though I knew, logically, it wasn't true, the heat gathering between my legs, just like it had when his tongue had been flicking its way over my most sensitive areas, told me it was.

He had to be mine.

Then I started to drool - just in time for Ryder's chaps to come sailing off over my head. The sight of Ryder wearing nothing but a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and a faux-leather thong with a glittering black applique in the shape of a gun would have been completely, utterly comical, if it wasn't for the size of the bulge underneath the gun.

I mean, I'd seen it through his shorts, but there was nothing like wrapping a guy's dick in a neat little package decorated with sequins that made a girl appreciate the size of it. What it could potentially do.

I knew right then and there that I had a hunger for Ryder whatever-his-real-name-was that defied all logic and sense. I had to get my hands back on him as soon as humanly possible.

That's why, when Kat's voice came back over the speakers, with the low, sultry words, "Now, ladies, we have space for one lucky Kitten on stage tonight. The first little cowgirl to show me she has the goods to pull our very own Mr. Strong's very, very sensitive trigger will get to join him on stage, and spend just a little second with him behind that hat.


My hand fisted in all the cash in my back pocket - five twenties - and waved it high over my head in an instant. I jumped up and screamed, "Me!' Only a split second later realizing how ridiculous I was. Too late now.

Cara clapped her hands together like she was a five-year-old who'd just broken the piñata at her birthday party, squealing and wiggling in her seat. Miss Kat strolled over to me and motioned to the stage-side stairs with an open hand. "You've got a firecracker of a girl tonight, cowboy."

Fear knotted in my stomach like it never had before, and my neck and face blazed hot. I knew they were blotchy, and I knew I looked ridiculous in my skinny jeans and basic tee, but I really didn't care. The music kept playing, and I stood up.
My heart hammered in half-time to the rhythm of my shaking hands, which somehow went along with the music. This wasn't like me  - not at all. I'd barely been to a bar with kind of loud music since freshman year. This wasn't the kind of thing that Andi Herrera did.

But who said I couldn't do it now?
No one, Andi. Not a single person to say you can't shove these bills in Ryder's underwear.

I flicked the half-folded bills open and ran my thumbnail down the center, making a long fold in all five of them together.
Ryder had his hat in one hand and was alternately trusting his gun-covered dick at the audience and turning around with the thing over his ass. Every half other second, he moved the hat to uncover it in time with the music and the girls cheered even louder.
"Oh Ryder," Kat cooed through the speakers, "Your cowgirl's here."

Ryder flipped his hat back from his palm, catching it in the crook of his arm and dipping his head down in a flash, standing upright with the hat back on. He took a little bow, made his fingers into guns, and shot them each at the audience before turning and ambling toward me in those big, clunky boots.

I was on stage with my ultra-hunky, mostly-naked, strip-dancing crush. In Vegas. With a hundred dollars’ worth of cash in my  hand.
And even though I knew this was perfectly right, just  in a completely wrong place, there was only one thing I really wanted, one thing I could think clearly about - his skin under my hands.
When his eyes met mine, they flared wide, and he reached me in no time, palming his hat and holding it in front of both of our faces so the audience couldn't see it. "Andi. What the hell are you doing here?" he whispered, his breath hot on my cheek, mixing with whatever oil was on his muscles and a little bit of sweat and the energy of the room.

"Cara brought me," I said.

"STUFF IT!" Someone shouted from the audience, followed by an eruption of cheers.

"Are you okay?" Ryder asked.
I nodded, biting my lip, and then the hat was back on his head. I held up the bills, and, pulling the front of his thong toward me with one hand, stuffed them down the front with the other.
My hand brushed against the hot, smooth skin there, and I practically swooned right there on the goddamn stage. I had never wanted anything as badly as I wanted him.
Uncontrollable desire was not a feeling that Andrea Herrera, straight-A student, Child Life Specialist, and all-around perfect daughter had ever really felt, let alone acted on.
Tonight would be different.

With one good yank on the g-string, I tugged Ryder to me. His hat came off again like a reflex, covering our faces from the crowd, and his lips crashed down on mine as his other arm clamped around my waist, his fingers digging into my skin. He groaned as he tugged me even closer to him and his tongue swept my bottom lip. It was the sound that told me he'd been thinking exactly the same thing as I was.

His faux-leather wrapped package was a rock that dug into my belly button, and suddenly, I almost didn't care that we were surrounded by a middle-aged lady, a fat DJ, and two hundred of Vegas's horniest women. I wanted Ryder Strong, whether that was his real name or not, and I wanted him now...

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About The Author:
Alessandra Thomas is a New Adult writer who swears she was in her twenties yesterday. Since she's not, she spends her time looking back on her college years fondly, and writing sexy stories about guys and girls falling in love and really living life for the first time. When she's not writing, you can find her with a spoonful of ice cream in one hand and the newest New Adult release in the other.


  1. That IS fantastic!!!! I liked Andi. Look forward to getting to know her better. And I can't wait for RYDER STRONG! Excellent :D

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    1. Wait! It did let me enter.

      If I was single, I'd possibly date a stripper.

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