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Full of Grace by Misty Provencher {Review}


Author: Misty Provencher

Published: April 18, 2013


Running about 7 bananas strong on shots from Hale and Oscar Maree's wedding bar, what happened between Landon Grace and Sher Traifere was supposed to be a one time thing. A quickie on a romantic night. Sher wanted a fast evening of fireworks to remember on the dull horizon of her life; Landon wanted to get his mind off his psycho ex by feeling Sher's curves. By the end of the evening, a secret of Sher's complicates Landon's attempt to escape the girl's chainsaw giggle.
Some one-night-stands just can't be finished in one night.
Even more complicating, this one rises back up with a hard shot of morning sickness and an entire repertoire of questions. The most important being: how much pull does a guy really have in a woman's choice to pursue or terminate a pregnancy?
And in this case, how clever can he be about stealing her pants?

My take

Full of Grace picks right up where book one Hale Maree ended. In Hale Maree we met Oscar's best friend Landon. He's been partnered with Hale's best friend Sher in the wedding party. Sher is beautiful with long blonde hair, smells incredible and has an infectious giggle. Prepare to hear about that giggle a LOT. At times I would picture sponge bob laughing. Even Landon can't decide if he loves or hates the giggles. But Sher is only eighteen and I found that the constant state of giggles reminds you of just how young and immature she is. The one-night-stand between her and Landon leads to some very mature consequences. They both have to struggle with how to handle the situation and they're not always on the same page.

I fell in love with Landon pretty quick though. He has 5 older sisters and has heard from all of them about asshole men and he was not going to be one of them. So when he discovers that he took Sher's virginity he feels certain obligations or protocol he must live up to. He's shocked when she won't return his calls. His guilt has him calling for the next month. Sher never answers and never returns his call. After 6 weeks, Landon gets a call from Oscar that is now home from his honeymoon with Hale. When they all get together for dinner that night, Sher drops the bomb. Not only is she pregnant but she's not sure she's going to keep it.

So here's where I had a really hard time liking Sher's character. Not because she considers abortion but because as Landon tries to convince her to keep the baby, Sher hasn't been completely honest with him. I do love a lot of the sassy comments that Sher makes though. Landon is twenty four and not ready for a family either but he's determined to take care of Sher and the baby if she'll keep it. I fall even more in love with Landon as he starts writing letters to the baby. Sher is scared and feels like this pregnancy is practically a death sentence because she hasn't had a chance to do all the things she dreamed of doing. She really just doesn't want to end up like her mother who is single with 5 kids. Landon tries to help her do some things on her bucket list. Sher struggles with her guilt about what she's keeping from Landon but she's falling in love with him too. She's afraid the truth will cause her to loose him.

One of my favorite scenes is when Sher and Landon babysit her siblings for a day. Sher's mother has no control over the kids but they listen to Sher like she's the mom. But when she's not looking, they're into all sorts of mischief. There a lots of sweet moments and some really hot ones too. I love the tricks Landon has to pull to try and keep Sher at his apartment. And love the part when Sher's mother has to use a BB gun on one of the neighbors.

Landon really starts to get worried when not only Sher is keeping something from him, but it looks like Oscar and Hale are in it too. When Landon finally gets the whole story and they get all the answers from the doctor, everything is right in the world. I love a happy ending. I've tried to not giveaway the whole plot of the story. Here a few of my favorite quotes.

"I'm so damn hard I could cut a mirror into a glass chandelier with my junk." -location 173
"I've got a good package and Sher is tighter than a welfare Christmas."-location 217
"That's why you're walking like Pinocchio just gave you a nose job."-location 334
"You can't palm them like basketballs, you sasquatch! They're sore!"-location 1412

About the Author

Once a high school drop out and runaway, Misty Provencher became a college grad, and is now a full-time novelist with a close knit family. She doesn't do labels well. While she can ride a motorcycle, knows how to Karate chop, and has learned enough French, Spanish, and Sign Language to get herself slapped, Misty's life is the ruse she uses to connect with people. She is totally enchanted with them and spends her days trying to translate the soul bouquet of her muses into words.

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  1. Oh man! I loved Hale Maree and this sounds good too. Sher is such a fun character and I thought Landon was a hottie. Love those quotes, G!

  2. Thank you so much, Gloria! I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed Landon. Thanks again for reading and reviewing!


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