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Rebound by Nikki Mathis Thompson {Review + Giveaway}

Adult Contemporary Romance
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Katrine MacNamara was defined by two roles--wife and mother. When one of those roles is suddenly stripped from her, she is forced to re-evaluate her place in the world. She needs to get her life back on track, a life of her own. What are the next logical steps, as a newly single 35 year old woman? 1. Put the kibosh on crying sessions in the fetal position. 2. Start using maiden name. 3. Jump start her non-existent career. The last item is the tricky one. She is determined to stand on her own two feet without her ex's money. But since she has spent the last decade at home raising her son, her moth eaten resume has been collecting dust. When Katrine lands a high profile assignment for the summer. Although short term, the experience would add some much needed prestige to her anemic resume. She is eager to rise to challenge. Little does she know that part of the challenge would be her new boss. During a night full of laughs and margaritas, her friends urge her to get back out into the dating scene. A rebound fling is just what she needs to get her feet wet. Katrine is leery to say the least and is not sure is she is ready. She wonders if a man even fits into her new life. Not to mention the fact that being naked in front of someone new was beyond petrifying. But when a man from the past enters her life and as she grows closer to her new boss, she is forced to re-evaluate the whole fling concept. Does she go for casual or does she commit? Can she even do casual? She always listens to her heart, maybe it was time to start listening to other parts of her anatomy. As she navigates her new single life she has to decide what defines her. And with help from her nutty sister, hilarious friends and plethora of fermented grapes— she just might find that she is willing to forgo lust and even love, if it means compromising her new found identity.

My Take:
I love books that are funny and sexy and Rebound was abundant with both! 

It's all about Katrine surviving after an unexpected divorce from her husband David. Surprised out the blue by his request to split she picks herself back up and gets back out into the working world when she lands a two month gig with one of the country's top business men, Alexander (Xander) Abbot. At first when she meets him he comes off as a jerk and makes her think the next two months are going to be pure torture. It's not until they are at a charity event where she sees her ex with his new fiance that Xander shows his true colors. When Katrine breaks down in tears he is there to comfort her somewhat and a slight spark ignites between them. They ignore the attraction growing between them while Katrine tries to date Ian Radcliffe. An old friend she ran into while at the charity dinner. 

She only goes out with him once but is unable to get Xander's kindness out of her head and politely turns Ian down for further dates. As her days go by at the office Katrine and Xander finally give in to their passion and share a carefree weekend of hot sex that Katrine's sister and friends fear will ultimately break her heart knowing  that she can't just do casual sex. Katrine and Xander agree to just have fun and not label what they have but as their time together comes to an end they both realize it's easier said than done.

I was really excited about this book from reading the synopsis and couldn't wait to dive into it. I am finding more and more that I am relating to these divorcees picking up their lives after a broken relationship stories. I could identify with Katrine being the discarded wife left for another woman as I'm sure most divorced women can. What I can't relate to is the sexy, gorgeous, incredibly rich boss fucking my brains out scenario. I'd like to but they go for hot chicks and I look like the first Ford pickup ever made.

 Anyway so Katrine had two possible love interests in this book, Xander and Ian. I have to say that I liked Ian better and hoped that Katrine would have picked him. He was charming, sweet, funny and he has harbored serious feelings for Katrine since college. Just by his brief encounter of a date with her I could tell that he would have been so good for her following her ex's lobotomy. Might just be me but I would have picked the more safe choice in Ian.  Xander never did make me like him the entire book. I thought he was cocky and full of himself and he just didn't click with me. He didn't act that way to Katrine but there was something about him I just didn't get into. He actually treated her well and did nice shit for her kid but still. I think it had to do with his maturity because he does something towards the end of the book that made me want to punt my Kindle across the apartment complex I live in. 

Nice guys finish last because Katrine chooses to spend two months being Xanders meat sock. They get to know each other over the two months and spend most of their time together be it at home in bed or on business trips. Things between them seem to be going fine but when it's time to say goodbye Xander makes it easy by being a DICK! She surprises him with a visit one day and ends up getting the surprise that puts the final nail in their relationship and I'm sure you can figure out what I mean. That's the only thing I hated about the book, I spent all that time becoming OK with Katrine's choice by choosing Xander and then he fucked it up! He finally won me over with the sweet, romantic things he did for Katrine and I almost fell in love with him! OH and that's not all because this shit don't end with no HEA! Oh noooo the author wants to make you pull out your snatch hair by the roots trying to figure out if she will continue their story or not in this cliffhanger! I'mma tell you right now we better get another book! You can't just leave a bitch hanging like this!

The best part of the story was the group of girlfriends Katrine has as a support group that is lead by her sister Maddie. All these women bring a fun and spunky vibe to the book that adds humor and heart. Maddie was my favorite character because she was hilarious and I felt like we share a kinship in the shitty men we have dated. This was another instance where I fell for a supporting character more than the mains. The little glimpses we get to see of her were enough to make you want a book just about her. I really liked that Katrine had people she could fall back on to help her through the rough times in her life. 

I enjoyed this book and I really hope we get another story from these characters because I just have to know that things will be ok for these characters I have fallen in love with. Rebound was funny, sweet and heartbreaking as you follow Katrine in her quest to recover from divorce. I would recommend this to anyone who has dealt with a bad breakup and needs a good laugh, or some Smexy goodness!

Favorite Quotes:

~Oh my god, he smiled! Maybe one day he will become a real boy!! Kindle 26%

~Katrine gripped him and slid her hand up and down his tender skin with slow silky strokes. She lowered her mouth to his chest and licked all the way up his neck. He smelled so good. Kindle 49%

~He wanted all of this fucking dirty talk. ‘Oh it’s so big’, ‘that feels so good’, ‘You have me so hot’. Isn’t it enough that I am giving it up? Now I have to give him a pep talk on top of everything. Do I look like a cheerleader to you? Okay here is my cheer, “Get in, get off, and get out! How hard is that? I have to console, motivate, and take care of kids all day. Now I have to do the same for his penis? Kindle 62%


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Nikki Mathis Thompson spent her formative years singing, dancing and creating her own world of make-believe. From an early age she developed a love of reading that has grown exponentially to near addiction. She has a business degree from the University of Texas at Dallas. Her degree looks great in the frame, but hasn't been utilized in years. She gladly left the cubicle life behind to raise her daughter and a son was added to the mix some years later. You can find her devouring a book while drinking a glass of wine, doing her part to save the planet or lip-synching to her favorite songs while running through her suburb. She lives outside of Dallas with her family. Rebound is her first novel.


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