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Review and Giveaway: The Story of Rachel by K.D. Mclean


Rachel Collins is praying. And not for world peace. Thirty six years old and single, her prayer is self-centered. "Kill me now, Lord," she pleads during her latest attempt to meet Mr. Right via the Internet. 

She’s not hoping for a billionaire or even a millionaire, just a guy who can strike a spark to her tinder! Is she asking too much? She's a great gal! Just ask her parents! She might be a bit naive about some things, but capable enough- she's a correspondent for a major magazine, after all. So there!

On assignment she meets Michael, 42 years old, also a writer. The attraction is immediate and intense. Rachel, who sees vanilla as only a baking ingredient, enchants him. Michael can whip up some pretty hot delights himself, outside of the kitchen. He introduces a curious Rachel to powerful experiences of sensuality. Her Ladylike sense of propriety engages in a running battle with her now sparked Tinderbox desires. 

Michael is an excellent cook and knows how to turn up the heat. Sampling the flavors offered, Rachel experiences humorous hiccups. On a date, Michael ramps up the risqué, resulting in a memorable skirt swirling salsa dance. Rachel's "What the hell, I ain't getting any younger" attitude spurs Michael to take her to the exclusive, adults only club Pandora's. Here, Rachel witnesses even more variations of earthly delights, and begins a lifelong friendship with another guest. 

Michael is a realist, convinced that within 90 days, his affair with Rachel will be but another painful memory of loss. He is neither willing nor able to yell 'Geronimo' and fall for her. He can't, and that's that. 

Maybe he should just get a damn dog. 

This modern, urban, grown up love story is a recipe –three cups romance and one cup of slapdash humor. Blend in spices of eroticism, and beat until smooth.

(This book contains mature content and may not be suitable for anyone under 18)

To most people BDSM stands for Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism but to me that shit stands for Bitch Don't Slap Me! Now I am not one who gets into the whole BDSM scene with the whips and the chains and beatin' the fuck outta someone for pleasure. My name ain't Tina Turner OK? You ain't gone hit me cuz I will bust you in the nuts, duct tape your ass to the toilet and clear out your bank account all while saying "Dueces"!

(See Picture below for clarification)

The story of Rachel has some BDSM elements that I didn't get into. It's not my thing, it may be yours so don't let that stop you because I enjoyed the book. It was funny, witty and charming. Rachel is a 30 something divorcee who has tried her hand at Internet dating. I can relate to that, remember my Match.Com story from Autumn After Dark? Yeah so anyway Rachel is a writer for Canada Weekly and is sent on assignment to an art exhibit that is featuring BDSM erotic art. She has lived a sheltered life and doesn't understand a lot in this world being "Vanilla" in her approach. At this exhibit she meets the charming, handsome and extremely sexy Michael Evans.

OH Master Michael! Now I ain't one for the BDSM shit but Michael just might change my mind! We all know I have daddy issues so this older, more experienced man turns my crank Along with Nutella, Purple shoe laces and wet ass wipes. So when Rachel meets Michael at the art exhibit there is INSTANT chemistry between them. He explains the BDSM thing and to her surprise it turns her on. They leave the exhibit together and he shows her who is the boss when he becomes her DOM! (Side note: every time I hear the term Dom, I think of Dom Delouise. I Know right?) They end up back at her place where the story heats up with some hawt foreplay! Michael tells Rachel about a hot sex club in town called Pandora's and wants to take her there as a formal introduction into the world of BDSM. Once there Rachel is introduced to a young woman named Annik who becomes a really good friend later in the story. Vanilla Ice is turned on by what she is seeing so her and Master Michael beat feet to her crib where after a month of waiting they finally...

Everything builds to this moment and it's hot! Their passion is so intense that Michael does something that scares him. Unable to handle the closeness Michael tries to stay away from Rachel, while she tries to figure out exactly what caused him to run in the first place. Is this a hurdle they can overcome or will this issue break them apart for good? I'm not telling you! HA! Gotta read it to find out for yourself. What I will tell you is that it will frustrate you, make you laugh and swoon as all good books do! I loved Rachel and her funny ass quips and sayings. There are two inner voices that she refers to as "Tinderbox" and "Ladylike". Tinder is her wild side, the primal, sex goddess that enjoys the erotic being Michael calls out in her. Lady is the sensible one who tries talking sense into Rachel when she gets too far gone. There are several hilarious spots where these two Alters go to war within Rachel especially when Michael lights her flame. OH Michael! I really loved this guy! He had issues that you watch unravel slowly as the story unfolds which  caused me to want to snuggle him in the warm cradle of my bosom at times and others slap him in the head and tell him to "Wake Up!" Why are men so damn hard headed and stubborn? Aside from wanting to throttle Michael, I love the romance between these two characters, it goes from sweet and spicy to kinky and fun! I think the best part was watching the friendship between Rachel and Annik blossom after their meeting at Pandora's. We find out a big secret about her in this book that I am sure will be addressed more in depth in the next book in the series. To be a new author K.D. McLean entertains with a saucy, romantic story about finding something amazing when and where you least expect it.

 The Story Of Rachel is only $2.99 on Amazon!

"So you got over your man hating. Didn’t turn into a lesbian and you’ve been doing the dating scene ever since." Loc. 1703

"He introduced me to D/ s, BDSM. Did I miss any acronyms? SWOT? MADD? WASP?" "You mean he didn't tell you about ZXQR!" Loc. 4202

"I'm Mike's buddy, Eddy, who's boffing your assistant Brenda! He just put through an emergency call to my god dam cell so he could get Brenda to call you to tell you to ANSWER THE DAMN DOOR!" Loc. 5221

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                                     About The Author:

KD McLean was born in a dark time- it was 2:00 AM, but with grit and determination, she persevered until the light came. And we haven't been able to get rid of her since. Having experienced a husband who, as Rachel's ex did- 'drift' led Michelle to Internet dating. Of course that was well after the voodoo dolls were put away. She reeled in her share of eels and carp in the Plenty of Fish pond. 

Like Rachel, Michelle is enjoying her own happy ever after with a intelligent and handsome man- who keeps hiding her eyeglasses so he can stay handsome. 

Being single, without a billionaire boyfriend was tough. She's got the guy, and buys Lottery tickets- half a loaf and all that, you see? 

The Story of Rachel is her first novel. The topic was inspired by some book she picked up somewhere. It was a wonderful book- the woman who wrote it might make some money, Michelle hopes. 

Sensuality and laughter are two qualities that make life a blessing. There are many others, of course, but the most important gift of life- love- is deeply enhanced by these two endowments. 

She's not saying a word about her research for this novel. Nope. Not a damn word. Kids and grandchildren… need we say more? 

Life is good. Life is a gift. KD knows this.

          (Kindle Ebook was submitted by the author for review)


  1. LOL maybe I should pray for death too so I can snag me a man! I am not into BDSM either and even if I am I will NOT be a sub. No slapping this bitch!

    However I appreciate BDSM erotica because tho I don't understand why anyone would willingly submit to pain it is fascinating.

  2. Oh Hootie. I thought I was the only one who pictured (ie fantasized) Dom Deluise when I hear the term Dom.

    I don't personally want to get hit while I'm getting it, but I am really fascinated by the scene.

  3. I considered accepting this for review, but I thought it wouldn't be fair to the author. Beyond a little hair pulling (and that's only because my hair is thick and luscious because if it was thin and wipsy it would not be allowed) I'm just not into the bdsm shit.

    I'm not offended by it, but it just doesn't get me hot or anything, ya know. Oh and the inner voices has me nervous. I'm still mocking Anna Steeles Inner Goddess.

    I'm sure this is a great book for most, but definitely not for me.


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