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Blog Tour and Giveaway: The Way Back To Me by K.L. Conlon and T.D. Waesch

Lexi Reynolds is facing a game changer. Three years ago, under the insistence of her husband, she walked away from a promising career as a special education specialist with her eyes set on becoming an administrator so that she could be a stay-at-home wife and mother. Now with the demise of her marriage along with her self-esteem and heart, Lexi must face the task of building a new life.

Layla Karsten is not one to sit idly on the side lines. Seeing the crushed spirit of her sister, Lexi, she is bound and determined to push her sister back in life....even if it means tapping into Lexi's inner slut to do it.

Intended for ages 18 and over. Mature content and language.

How many times can you fall in love with a book while reading it? I gotta say depends on how good it is and how many chapters it has. This book has 26 and it captured my heart from the first F*Bomb! It's the story of divorced single mom Lexi Reynolds, who after her divorce has let herself fall into a rut. I know a lot of women tend to do this when a relationship ends. *Hangs Head In Shame* When Lexi goes to Dallas to visit her sister Layla for a week the story just takes off from there! She meets a very influential woman on the plane that plays into the story later on. Layla wants her to read this popular book series about sex and being tied up. (Does that bullshit sound familiar?) She also wants to whip her sister into shape and bring out her inner slut! She wants Lexi to drop a few pounds and follow her list of 3 things to do which are:

  1.) Have a One night stand and leave him  before he is ready
  2.) Have sex in a public place
  3.) Fuck a public servant (i.e. Fireman, Cop etc..)

While out for a run on her first day of trying to get back into shape Lexi has what they all refer to as a "Scooch Moment". Lexi pushes herself to hard and ends up shitting herself and if that weren't bad enough she ends up running into someone she knew in high school whom she hates! This scene had me in stitches! I would totally die! The sisters end up going to lunch during one of their outings and run into a famous ex basketball player named Patrick Dane. Lexi is so mesmerized by his looks that she spills wine on him accidentally. She gives him her number so she can replace his shirt and he ends up calling her for a date. They don't even make it through drinks before Lexi can't tame the beast!

"Remember. Lick, Drink, Suck."

They end up in his hotel penthouse where Lexi turns into the exorcist when she jumps him! 

"I really can't think of anything but fucking his brains out right now."

Sadly the fun is interrupted by Dane's recent ex girlfriend who is much younger than Lexi and confronts them. 

"Looking for your purse grandma?"

"I don't think he was calling me grandma when his face was in my pussy!"

That shit was classic! I think I almost died reading that line! That is a definite fist bump moment you want to have with Lexi! When it's time for Lexi to head back home she and Dane discuss where their relationship is going and he let's her know not to wait for him to get his shit together. Once home she ends up meeting with her friend Mildred Cameron she met on the plane to Dallas, and in turn Mildred offers Lexi her dream job as CEO of a non profit foundation for special needs adults. That my friends is when she meets Dr. Sebastian Cameron *Cue Marvin Gaye*

When she first meets him at his office for business regarding the foundation she is taken aback by his sexy good looks! Blonde hair, green eyes, tanned with pearly whites! That definition just screams sexy! He knows she is into him and when he takes her to dinner he talks her into marking off one of her list items! Sebastian introduces her to a lifestyle much like she has been reading about in the books she is reading. Lexi has never experienced the things he does to her and they both come to a mutual agreement about how far to take it. While Lexi is enjoying her new found sexuality she starts to realize that she might have her priorities out of whack and decides to find a balance between everything. After not hearing from Dane in over a month, when he shows back up it only serves to cause some serious drama that brings the story to it's conclusion. 

This book was so much fun, not to mention hot!! Watching Lexi come out of her shell really made me feel like I was going through it with her. From her transformation to her biggest accomplishment you are right there as she goes toe to toe with life! When you are first introduced to Lexi and her sister they are discussing a popular book that is very reminiscent of "The Book That Shall Not Be Named" because I am not a fan of said book nor do I plan on ever being one so that is what I call it. The name is different but anyone who hasn't been living under a rock will know exactly what book they are talking about. Due to this book you see her sister Layla try some crazy shit with her husband that will make you stop and need a breather from laughing so much. I love how even though Lexi agrees to do some freaky shit with the Doctor and submit to him, she doesn't fully give herself over to submission. She is sassy and tells him exactly what she won't do. I saw a lot of myself and my attitude in Lexi in the way she spoke to people and handled everything with her ex. This entire book was filled with so much win including the very steamy sex scenes. The two guys in the story Dane and Sebastian will have you torn between the two as to who to root for. I found myself wanting her to be with Dane but then Sebastian came into the picture and I wanted her with him! They are both very hot guys that give her a run for her money and me a run to Walmart for new drawers! This book was un-put-down-able! Every chapter was filled with hilarity and excitement you don't want to miss! This was like reading Seduction and Snacks minus the chocolate! I am very happy I didn't miss out on this book because it  was so good! You guys have to trust me and read this, but only those who are old enough to say Vagina without giggling. Wait...       

"This guy could eat me out all day if he wanted. He is the Pussy King" Loc. 1032

"The sex didn't do it for me but if it makes you feel better, you have the biggest dick I've ever seen in my life!" Loc.1572

"For the record, nobody owns my pussy. If I want to fuck my Mailman, I will." Loc. 2003


His eyes are on fire. He pushes me back through the door and locks it. “Oh, Lexi. You were taking too long in here.” Ordinarily this type of thing would scare the hell out of me, but he makes it seem so fucking hot. I put my hands up in protest, but he grabs them as he pushes me against the restroom wall. Raising my hands above my head with one hand, he strokes my face with the other all the while pressing his body against mine. I can feel that his dick is fully erect and ready for business, which only causes my pussy to become a traitor to my body. “If you don’t want to do this, all you have to do is say no. I’ll walk out of here like nothing happened and I will take you back to your car.” He whispers this in my ear and for some reason I believe him. “What do you say, Lexi? Yes or No?” I can barely hear myself mumble yes. That’s all the good doctor needed to hear.

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                                                        About The Author:

I am a stay-at-home mom for the second year in a row. My three young children keep me on my toes as well as our crazy dog and hamster. Thank goodness I have such a loving and supportive husband!! 
Writing has been my secret goal that I put on my bucket list of things to do before I hit 40. As my loving sister pointed out to me last summer, I turn 40 in a few short months. There are definitely things that were on the bucket list that I had to just remove. For instance, I will never be a size 6 again. I removed it from my list by tearing it off and shredding it.
However, writing was one that I just couldn't bring myself to erase from the list. Knowing this about me, my sister pushed and prodded me to just start writing something...she strongly suggested something with adult content. 

So caving to her pressure, I started to write The Way Back To Me. I gradually pulled her into the writing process as she had spent an enormous amount of time reading "mommy porn" and together we completed The Way Back To Me in November 2012. We have already started a sequel that should be ready to go by the end of February 2013. 

I am also in the beginning process of another romance novel that I hope to complete by the summer of 2013

The "Why" Behind The Way Back To Me 

I read a ton of romance books over the summer for "research" purposes (according to my children, my "research" turned into an addiction along the way). What did my "research" show? It showed that they are mostly about women between the ages of 21 and 28. After about reading thirty or so romances about 21 year old women, I started to become irritated as I began to reflect on my own 20's. The irritation set in because the stuff in those books never ever happened to me. Nothing remotely similar. The only guys that tried to pick me up in a smoky bar were the unattractive ones that I couldn't understand. Sure, I shouldn't have been in the club at Hotel Intercontinental; however, I was hoping to bump into a nice Irish or English guy. And I still cringe when I think about the man that took my "V" card. I say man because he was 25 and should have known what he was doing. He talked the talk, but couldn't walk the walk and I was sadly disappointed. 

I don't want to read books that make me reminisce about my past. I want to read books about women in their late thirties, pushing forty or have passed it. However, those books are hard to find. And when you do find them, they seem to sugar coat life. 

With that in mind, the characters of Lexi Reynolds and Layla Karsten were born. Two sisters facing two different crossroads. The Way Back to Me (TWBTM) picks up as Lexi is struggling to get out of her depression brought on by her divorce combined with the sacrifices she made for her family through the years. After she finds a way to jump back into life, she begins to test the limits of her sexuality. Does she drop the fbomb a lot? Yes, because sometimes, that's real life.

Layla's story (TWBTM 2)is currently being written. As a secondary character in the first book, Layla was constantly pushing the envelope sexually. TWBTM 2 is about Layla's journey to find out why she is doing this and how the consequences of her actions play havoc on her marriage and her career. She has to learn the hard way about what happens when you're given a "free pass" after being with someone for 22 years. 

Both stories are filled with "did that just happen" situations that might seem far fetched; however, so does losing your "V" card to a hot guy that happens to be a billionaire that is into BDSM and wants to marry you within 3 months.

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