Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Wildflower Blog Tour and Giveaway

Love can be tragic. 

17th Century America:
A Shaman’s daughter falls in love with an Englishman,
only her hand has been promised to a warrior.

Tears fall.
Promises are broken.
Rage is unleashed.
Souls are bound or shattered.

Present Day:
Laney Stillwater dreams about a boy she has never met, 
but she longs for the attention of the ever popular and gorgeous, Jordan Stone. 

Time tempts change.
Destined souls awaken.
Love gets a second chance.
Souls are bound or shattered.

What will destiny offer this time?
Reconciliation or more despair?

Globug's Review:

I've never been a fan of History or Social Studies. If all of my history books had been written by this author I'm sure it would have been my favorite subject This story felt a lot like Pocahontas to me, but better. And one of the coolest things about this book is that the author included lyrics to songs before some of the chapters that seem to be inspired by the story. It's a great way to share the play list for the book.
This story is about a Native American girl named Wildflower and her forbidden love for an Englishman named Joshua Bangs in the 17th century. Wildflower is the daughter of her tribes Shaman and she has been promised to one of the tribes Warriors. But the story is also about those same souls in the current day. We get to experience the feelings of the characters from both time periods as their love story is relived again and again. Who will she choose in her current life and who will she choose in the future. Will she choose forbidden love or will the warrior that loves her win the battle over her heart. I have to say I couldn't guess where this story was going go. I loved both lead guys. The story also includes a dream world where the characters can meet in secret. I've always been fascinated with tattoos and the mystical nature of the lead characters tattoos was perfect. It was a great read. I definitely look forward to the next book in the series.
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Soulless; The Story of Shayan, The Soul Quest Trilogy, Prequel

The Glassheart Chronicles (Co - Author; A series of paranormal romance short stories.)

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