Thursday, October 4, 2012

Review: First Kiss - Bernadette Marie


Cade Carter had a bright future as a rising football star in Wisconsin until a game ending injury sidelines him. Having to return to Aspen Creek once his father passes is not something he is looking forward too. He knows he wasn't a very good son and has always felt like his father wasn't very supportive anyway. All he wants to do is get in and handle his father's estate and leave, that is until he comes face to face with his First Kiss Olivia Baker. 

Olivia Baker has never felt like anyone wanted her. Her mother was never there for her and her step father was an unsavory character. The only one who ever cared was Cade's father Austin. When Austin dies Olivia is left with memories and heartache until Cade blows back into town. Having to deal with him again may just break her for good.

Hootie Says:

First of all most everyone knows I am a DIE HARD Green Bay Packer fan!

Judging by the fact that Cade resides in Green Bay I am going to assume he played for my team! Anyway getting back to the story!

I loved this book! Cade stole my heart even though he started out as kind of a prick. Cade and Olivia were friends once upon a time and then something changed between them. Cade never forgot her though, even after all this time. Once he gets back to town he starts to remember just why he fell for her in the begining. Aspen Creek is a small town and everyone knows how small towns are. Nothing to do but gossip about everything! Cade picks up on the local gossip and can't help but wonder just what Olivia has been up to since he left.

Olivia knows they talk about her but she doesn't care. She misses Austin and is just trying to make it day to day when Cade walks back into her life. She wasn't expecting to remember their connection. I loved Olivia's character. She was tough and vulnerable too. She had a lot to deal with from a young age and you get to see just what makes her tick and why she is the way she is. I enjoyed watching her squirm when Cade arrives. You can see she tries to fight her old attraction but that is like eating Blue Cheese. You don't want people to know you secretly enjoy chomping on moldy dairy products!

This book had a plot twist hiding deep inside that kept me trying in vain to guess which way it would go! Every time I felt we were getting close it would stop and change directions! I love when a book keeps me guessing!

I thought I knew what was happening but then something else would pop up and make me think otherwise. Well played Bernadette! 

Overall this was a wonderful romantic story that kept me hooked like Charlie the Tuna until the last page and even then I was still trying to "page down" hoping there was more! I love a good love story and First Kiss was absolutely a good one! 

First Kiss won't release until October 11th but you can download the First chapter HERE

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