Saturday, September 22, 2012

Review: Star Bright - Christina OW

“Someone won’t be winning parent of the year anytime soon either.” The edge of his lips rose in half a smile. He looked at her and then at his sleeping daughter, he loved seeing them like that, they looked perfect. Maria stared at him, a smile automatically dominating her face. “Your parenting skills are contagious.” Maria’s fear and hate for men is solidified by Ricky’s abuse and his obsession to kill her. In an effort to save her son, she runs away and crosses paths with Dave, a man going through his own tribulations with his wife. He is determined to protect her, and to show her that not all men are evil and that true love does exists. And he in turn, finds a woman worthy to be a mother to his daughter, and his wife. But their dream of having a loving family is short lived when a ghost from Maria’s past comes back to take it all away from her in the most brutal and torturous way. But Maria isn’t alone anymore and most importantly, her father finally shows up to do what he was supposed to five years ago. Protect his daughter.

Hootie Says:

Loved It! This book was really good! Every now and then I like a little mystery with my romance. Star Bright delivers on both! 

Maria is a scared mother of a little boy whose father is abusive and sadistic. She has stayed with him for years fearing he might hurt her son if she leaves. I really felt bad for Maria in this book, she seemed to not be able to catch a break the more I read into the story. What I loved was watching her go from scared and timid, to bold and commanding! I love a good strong female character. The way she was developed throughout the story was really fluid and natural i thought.

Ricky....OH let's take a minute to discuss the A..Hole, the abusive prick, the worm, the snake etc...! I can't stand a man, character or otherwise who bullies to make themselves feel better. This character was a pain in the ass to see the lengths he went through to be such a piece of shit! Dude was absolutely bat shit crazy and you get a small glimpse at how he thinks in this book. I am glad the author didn't try to redeem him because I honestly felt there wasn't anything to redeem!

Moving on to the best part. DAVE! Oh sweet, precious Dave! Be still my heart! Dave is a character that makes you believe in finding a good man. He was smart, sweet and was just over all a great character. He had his own share of heartache throughout with his idiot wife Amy. Amy resented Dave for loving their only child Elizabeth. (Seriously women like this should be sterilized, blindfolded and pushed into oncoming traffic just sayin')  Dave was such a good guy that no matter what Amy did to him he kept his cool. (I would have slapped her around but that's me lol)

Overall I really liked this book even though it was hard reading some of the scenes between Ricky and Maria. The message was beautiful and I liked how it ended. The only thing I had trouble with was how fast the perspectives would change, sometimes I got tripped up but other than that it was a good story I really enjoyed.

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