Sunday, September 16, 2012

Review: Futures and Frosting - Tara Sivec


Carter, Claire and Gavin have formed the perfect little family. Their friends are getting married and everyone is growing up, maturing and ready to face the future. Or are they? 

From bachelorette party hell, porn addictions, dinner roll baseball and botched wedding proposals to finding out everyone's extended family is chock full of crazy, Carter and Claire begin to question the strength of the ties that bind them. Unfortunately, these ties have nothing to do with fuzzy handcuffs and everything to do with the mounting differences between them. 

Will their friends make a mess of things with their inappropriate comments and need to know everything, or will they convince the couple that happily-ever-after sometimes really can start with beer pong?

WARNING: CONTAINS SEX, DRUGS AND ROCK N ROLL. Wait, no. Just sex and drugs. And booze and filthy language. Do not read if you have no sense of humor. 

Hootie Says:

Just when you think something can't possibly get any better, you are surprised with even more EPIC-NESS!

 (Was that a word?) Tara Sivec blew me (haha blew me) Away with Seduction and Snacks. I didn't think I could laugh as hard as I did with that book, but then the second one came out and I quickly found out I was WRONG in my WRONGness. Futures picks up where S&S left off with Gavin and Claire moving in with Carter (The Baby Daddy). Hilarity ensues once again when they let their friends get involved in their love life when they should really be talking to each other. 

I started reading this yesterday at least four hours before my friend Autumn of THE AUTUMN REVIEW  started reading it and she STILL finished before me! Damn speed readers! lol! Seriously I adore Autumn, and she is a very big part of this because she gifted me the first book that I absolutely adored! THANK YOU AUTUMN! Once again I found myself stopping to practice breathing because I felt like my brain forgot that function once my body started shutting down due to over use! You seriously don't need to exercise because you will get a substantial ab work out the likes of which That stupid bitch Denise Austin have never seen!

(Raise your hand if this bitch aggravates the living PISS out of you!) 

Futures and Frosting was so much fun to read, and I found myself highlighting like a NINJA!

I had so many favorite moments and quotes but for fear of Spoiling something that you should read for yourself I will only post a few of my favorites!

#1: My Dog Has the hungry


#3: "What is your favorite Holiday?" "Fart"

OMG! Just typing that made me smile like a jackass in Mcdonalds while I do my review!

I love how real and relatable? the characters become once you get into the heart of the story. Everyone has a group of friends like this. Jenny is my absolute favorite and I really hope Tara decides to do a spin off of her and Drew because that would be too damn EPIC! There was a particular moment when Claire and Liz were talking about assuming things, and I know everyone had that moment in time with your parents and the "Assume" discussion. My mom used to tell me that garbage about "when you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME. BLAAAAAH! I think I used to fall asleep mid talk like one of those fainting goats! 

Lastly before I close I want to write a special note to Tara Sivec herself! If you are reading this Tara THANK YOU! I enjoyed reading these books and I can't wait to see more from you. Second what the actual fuck is a Zerbert? Third your pop culture references (i.e. Smelly cat, Houseguest, and Heathers ) make me horny! 


  1. So I have this loaded on the Kindle now. I will be starting it sometime this weekend.. I have been so wrapped up in that scary Experiment in Terror series though.

    I have no doubt this will make me LOL till I piss myself. Autumn also gifted book one to me, and I'm eternally grateful, for I think Ms Sivec and I are long lost soul mates who share a vagina.

    I adore the goat picture. That is the best thing ever. That is a goat right? It's bad that I have to ask that. Aint nothing but sheeps and cows up in these parts. OOh, and we passed a fucking donkey today on the way home from the Grocery store. No lie. It was giving me the stare down.

    Can't wait to dive into this book. Yay crude Vagina Humor! And sex toys.. gotta love those too. :)


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