Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Review: Emerge - Lila Felix


Jenna has spent too long being complacent and accepting. Her mother and step-father constantly belittle and berate her for simply being alive. She passes through life keeping everyone and everything at arm’s length because it’s just not worth the questions or the pity party. She takes what they dish out and just tries to survive.
She has thought up a million different ways to get away from them, but lacked the motivation and the sheer will. Like a fast moving tornado, her motivation comes in the form of a boy who cares for her as none other has and who shows her a glimpse of hope, a glimpse into a life she never thought she could have.
But is her new motivation enough to get her out…

Hootie Says:

Emerge is the story of Jenna, a young teenage girl just trying to exist and not make waves for her shitty family that consists of a hateful mother and a lazy, good for nothing step father. Jenna tries her best to go to school all while working and caring for young May, her adorable baby sister she loves more than life. During her day to day monotony she sets eyes on a beautiful mystery boy with skin the color of Cinnamon and soulful eyes she can’t stop staring into. She watches him from a distance not realizing he is watching her too.

When Carlos finally talks to Jenna everything changes for her.

Their budding romance quickly becomes the target of Jenna’s hateful mother who tries to keep them apart.  On top of everything else Jenna has to deal with, this is the last thing she needs.

Emerge is the kind of book that leaves you feeling like anything is possible, no matter what it is! Recently I was approached by new author (and I mean new as in she just popped her book writing cherry!) Lila Felix to be her beta reader for Emerge. I was honored to read this story on so many levels. While reading Emerge, I think I shed my cynical skin and became a hopeless romantic all over again! Reading about how much these two characters went through in their relationship made me start to believe that maybe Love is all you need. The way Carlos loves Jenna will melt even the coldest of hearts long frozen by the ways of love and the world! I found myself rooting for Jenna to get away from her situation and wanting desperately for her mother to mysteriously “Bite The Dust” lol. Overall this book was a wonderful story filled with Love and romance even in the worst moments. The only thing I wished would have happened is for Jenna to have at least gotten in some revenge on her mother, but I guess that would be out of character for her.

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