Monday, July 2, 2012

That's what she said ;)

 "I could NOT even attempt to put this book down, not even to poop! "-Hootie

Well that's what she said! hahahaha. So Hootie read this one before me but of course I have an opinion. It may not be a colorful as hers though ;) I just had to agree with her on how fabulous this book is (although I did not skip any needed trips to the potty).

 I love that this is another take on the traditional Vampire tale. With the added details that include greek gods and other mythology I was captured by the story immediately.The lead character Curry is a thief because he will steal your heart. And his beloved Chansey is sassy and sweet and worthy of Curry's forever. I can't wait to start Blood Jewel so I'll be starting it now. Afterall, Hootie did say there was some "Pound Cake action" in the next book. And I love me some Pound Cake ;)


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  1. It was hard to restrain the pound cake action in Blood Jewel because it had been building in my mind for 3 years. I had to release the beast. LOL! ;) Thanks so much!


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