Sunday, June 10, 2012



OK so we meet Curry (a vampire)  in Mexico where he is witnessing a solar eclipse with his evil (vampire)  maker Marsala! (OK right there you gotta be excited) Marsala believes something incredible will happen during this eclipse for both of them and has brought a gift for Curry in hopes to finally get him to love her. Little does she know he hates her damn guts and wants nothing to do with her! While she is freaking the hell out, he is busy asking whoever will listen for forgiveness from his past and help Usher (not the singer) him into the arms of the one he loves! He awaits the Suns reappearance to incinerate him but he quickly realizes that isn’t happening. Marsala goes BAT S*** and has to hide from the sun while Curry takes his newfound freedom from the sun to GTFO of there! Many years later he comes to live in (my hometown HOLLA!) Pascagoula Mississippi, to the home he built before he was changed. While out on the grounds taking pictures he meets Chansey, the granddaughter of the couple who now own the home. They both come to realize they are more to each other than just neighbors. Curry finds out keeping this very HUMAN girl safe proves to be just a tad more difficult than previously thought. That’s all you get, now you gotta read it!

Hootie Says:

First of all I had no idea that this book takes place in my very tiny hometown! Second I had no idea it would leave me salivating for the next!! It’s a very short story to getcho’ blood pumpin’ but it sooo does the job! I could NOT even attempt to put this book down, not even to poop! That my Author friends, is how you know you have a good story! Anyway I was hooked from the beginning and loved this story! The relationship between Chansey and Curry is so sweet, the way he treats her makes me want to grab the first guy I see, shove his nose in this book and say: “Look you jerk, THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT!” lol I love how I knew every single place described in this book because I was already familiar with it but don’t worry if you have no freaking clue how to even pronounce Pascagoula (PAS-CAH-GOO-LAH) because your imagination will do just fine! *takes breath* That was a mouthful (that’s what she said) I loved how I kept trying to figure out what would happen with every page turned, only to find out I was wrong! I gave this book 5 stars because It is definitely worth your time! I can’t even stand to finish this post to get to the next book!!! Ok that’s all , Get away from me kid, yah bother me!


  1. I really, really miss "Get away from me, kid, ya bother me," being said to my face! lol And I guess I need to read this book, too.

  2. I think you could make me want to read the instruction manual for a toilet. Great job and thanks so much!!!

  3. I absolutely love it!! Hootie NEEDS a book!! YAY to the girl who would give us all grief when we tried to get her to read a book. Remember when I told you to read Hunger Games and you dissed me. So not cool. And now here you are...a book blogger.


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