Monday, June 11, 2012

Blood Jewel by Georgia Cates

Blood Jewel picks up where Blood of Anteros leaves off. The book opens on a brief look at what Marsala (A.K.A BatShit Cray) goes through in her pre-vampire life. Then we get to Curry and Chansey making wedding plans. (If you haven't read Blood of Anteros WTF are you waiting on?) They are in New Orleans thanks to Curry's meat-head brother Sully trying to kidnap Chansey at the end of B.O.A. They are enjoying their newly engaged life when BatShit Cray (Marsala) does some black magic (highly frowned upon) on Curry to try and find his location! Every damn body freaks out, they bump the wedding date, go on their honeymoon only to be brought back early because a rogue vamprie shows up at the compound with a sob story about her sister. (Deep Breath!) Once the newly married pair get back Curry has to go on a Rescue 911 mission to save this sister. Curry and Solomon (His Best Friend) infiltrate the coven that has this sister, who they find out is a Blood Jewel (GASP) about to be presented to a rather large gathering of hongry ass Blood Drinkers! The rescue goes off without a hitch, Curry comes back to his wife only to be blindsided by BatShit (Marsala) trying to drown her using black magic! He is saddened to realize he may have to turn her in order to save her from this Cray Cray Ho! Curry and Chansey get a huge shock, Batshit returns and then (drumroll.....) Big Effing Cliffhanger!!!!!! Now Go Read!!!

Hootie Says:
Sweet Jesus, My HEART! I don't think I took a breath through this whole book! (ok not possible, but bite me, it's called an analogy!) Watching Curry and Chansey's relationship progress was beautiful, I am so glad we finally got some Pound Cake action up in this mug! Loved the honeymoon scenes OOOKAAAAAY! All the characters add so much flavor to the story, and I enjoyed watching Curry squirm being a newlywed! Things get hairy really fast and there are serious OMG moments that left me like "DAYUM!" Big time scenes I was blindsided by. (Love that) Lots of really tender, beautiful moments between Chansey and Curry that will melt your marshmellow hearts! I gave this book 5 stars although with the "Big Effing Cliffhanger" I should slap Georgia in the face with a wet fish! lol jk, anyway Great sequel, loved the story even though I'm wigging out about the next book which BTW doesn't come out until January 2013 *farts, dies* Needless to say I enjoyed this book, and you MUST read!! Peace Out

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  1. ehm...did you really say 'Pound Cake Action'? Brilliant. That should be in the cover blurb.


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