Saturday, May 26, 2012

Review of The Vincent Brothers by Abbi Glines

Did you really think Sawyer was just going let Beau and Ashton waltz into Happily Ever After with a smile on his face? Me either.

After a quick refresher of how The Vincent Boys ended the story picks up six months after Beau and Ashton start their relationship with Sawyer's blessing. Sawyer doing the right thing by setting the girl he loved free was the hardest thing he'd ever done. It never got easy for him to see his brother with Ashton. Beau and Sawyer still came to blows at times. Sawyer had no idea the real love of his life was just waiting on her chance to catch his eye. Ashton's cousin Lana thought six months was plenty of time for Sawyer to get over Ashton. And it appeared at first that she was right. Sawyer quickly noticed Lana and things were going better than Lana hoped until Ashton needed Sawyer. He jumped at the chance to be there for his ex instead of holding Lana when she really needed him. After more disappointments and the continued neglect of her parents not putting her feelings first, Lana turned to her friend Jewel to hide her away from everyone at her beach condo. Sawyer looses it when he realizes Lana had wanted him since they were kids and now he had lost her. Beau's wise insight on love made me swoon. He said "When you fall for the one that owns you, she'll be the only one that has the power to make you cry."

I'm not one for giving away the ending to a great story so you'll have to take my advice and read this story. There is more than one happy ending. A big one that was like a gift I couldn't have expected. Thank you Abbi for the added happiness you gave to Beau and his Father. The Vincent Brothers is a must read.

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