Saturday, March 10, 2012

Review of Defiance by Shelly Crane

I have not been patiently waiting for this book. Because I honestly have no patience. So I'm extremly happy Shelly was able to release Defiance a little early.

Defiance begins just after the Jacobson clan has entered the palace where the Virtuoso Council reside and the race comes to gather at a yearly event called the Reunification. No surprise the Watson Clan came with all of their hateful intentions and lust for power. Though the families are in awe of Maggie and her mark that clearly makes her the Visionary they also doubt her ability to fulfill her calling. Maggie has to prove she can lead the Aces and make the changes they need to continue as a strong race. I was completely surpised by some of the turns in the story. I was happy that Shelly gave us the rest of the story for Jen and Bish. You also get the answers to who Maggie's biological father is. You thought Sikes was bad, well Donald,also of the Watson clan, is just Evil. I was so happy Maggie got to fix the Watson's once and for all in this book. Defiance was full of action and has driven me right into my impatient wait for book 4.

I will say I was hoping for a little more romance for Caleb and Maggie. I'm a sucker for the sweetness Shelly brings to her stories. Now for the next book in the series that will be titled Independence i'm hoping for a huge love fest for Maggie and Caleb and the other imprint surprises from Defiance.

Thanks so much Shelly for your amazing stories. I'm honored to be one of your "best gals". That dedication made me feel like a superstar.

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