Saturday, December 31, 2011

Review of Pyxis by K.C.Neal


I'm so glad I listen when friends recommend good books. They haven't disappointed me yet.

      Corrine, our leading young lady, makes a huge discovery after her little cakes make a huge impression on the kids at the school bake sale. Her BFF notices as well that the kids who partake of Corrine's goodies seem to have a new fondness for her. Then add the nightmares that include visits from her Grandmother that passed away and I promise you'll have trouble putting the book down too. She had no idea the little bottles of food coloring she found in a box left to her by her Grandmother were something extremly special. The girls start their own investigation into the box with the word Pyxis on it's lid and liquids held inside.
      The story includes Corrine's brother( a bit of a thorn in her side), a crazy lady(who is actually a crazy relative), the bitty/slut(that makes it her job to ruin Corrine's life), a dreamy boy(that she's known forever but just recently fell for),and a Great Aunt(who holds all of the answers but can't give them all before the book ends).
      So needless to say i'll be anxiously waiting for book 2. I loved Pyxis. I hope you'll read and share it.        

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  1. Thanks so much for the review! Would you be willing to post it on Amazon? I'd be glad to send you some bookmarks as a thank you - send me your mailing addy at at gmail.

    Happy 2012!


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