Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Globug's thoughts on The FSoG

I haven't read The Fifty Shades of Grey series. I do remember the days when it was just fan-fiction that everyone on Twitter was talking about. I was a huge fan of the Twilight book series. They were the first books I ever read for enjoyment. I don't even remember ever reading a book assigned in High School. Not sure how I got away with that. So I was new to this whole reading for pleasure thing and didn't partake in the Twilight fan-fiction that everyone on twitter was talking about. When the fan-fiction turned into books that were to be published and sold I was not inclined to read them because it was my understanding that they were just ripping off author Stephanie Meyer. I wasn't going to support the work of an author that was using characters created by someone else and using them for profit.

Then years later I decided to attend the opening night of Fifty Shades (the movie) with some of my best friends. My first thought when it ended was "what the fuck!" I was pissed that my friends had not warned me of the massively abrupt ending. Quickly after that it occurred to me that "WOW! I was totally wrong." My moment of clarity was that author E. L. James had not ripped off my beloved characters of Twilight. She was inspired by those characters but came up with a totally original story and honestly if I didn't know before, that Fifty was Twilight fan-fiction, I would never have guessed it by what I saw in the movie. I very much enjoyed the movie.

I am no authority by any means and I still have not read the books but I did go out and buy the DVD of the movie when it came out. After seeing how hurtful people were being to the author on twitter today I felt like I needed to say out loud that I believe my opinion about the originality of James's work was wrong. What I saw in the movie was very original and nothing like what I was expecting.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but I absolutely hate it when people feel they are also entitled to be hateful. I try hard to not judge others and if my opinion isn't very positive then I choose to keep it to myself or share it only with my most trusted friends. I can admit admit when I am wrong about something as well. I'm also more than happy to let you have an opinion that may differ from mine and hope for the same respect. I wish only good things for author E.L. James. My TBR list is never ending but who knows, maybe one day I'll get around to reading the Fifty.

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