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{Review} Gentleman Prefer Curves (Perfect Fit #3) by Sugar Jamison

Chick Lit/Women's Fiction
Published September 30th 2014
eARC provided by publisher via Netgalley

Stuck. At thirty years old Belinda Gordon felt her life was at a total standstill. With her love life in the dumps, her best friends happily married and her parents smothering her, she decides her life needs a little bit of shaking up.

Just when Belinda is about to make a move, her estranged husband and the last man on earth she ever wants to see, Carter Lancaster, comes storming back into her life. And this time he's not taking no for an answer. Armed with his sweet daughter and a take no prisoners attitude, he's determined to win his wife back.

Can Belinda let go of their rocky past and let love in? Or will she let it prevent her from finding her happily ever after?

Gentleman Prefer Curves appealed to me on several levels. The main one being that I too am a curvy gal so I knew I would relate to a heroine who doesn't fit the cultural norms of what beauty really is on our society. The second and my most favorite, is the second chance romance aspect. Which is really weird for me because in real life I am not the kind of person that gives second chances in a relationship. Once I'm done with you I move on. With my characters however, I love the thrill of watching them come back together and mend their broken relationship and face the issues that broke them up in the first place. This was my very first Sugar Jamison read and the main reason why I'll be coming back for more of her deliciously romantic and beautiful stories.

Belinda Gordon is ultimate curvy girl heroine. She's sassy, confident and completely happy being the plus sized  beauty she is. Of course like all women with body issues it took some time for her to fully grow to love herself for what she is and what she'll never be. Entering her 30's and questioning what she wants in life Belinda braves the dating world in hopes of finding love only to be dashed on the rocks as the one guy she's interested in turns out to be a douche. When her estranged husband Carter shows up with his five year old daughter in tow Belinda is forced to face her past mistakes and ultimately given the opportunity to start again. Reconciling their differences Carter and Belinda have to put aside old hurts and try to discover if anything about their short marriage is worth salvaging.

The relationship between Belinda and Carter upon his return is strained to say the least. Both characters are dealing with hurt feelings they've been carrying around for the four years they spent apart. Belinda was blindsided by the fact that Carter had been married previously, the result of which gained him a daughter that he never told her about. This was ultimately one of the reasons why she ran away from him and their marriage aside from never feeling like she fit into his "silver spoon" world. Carter has harbored feelings of abandonment after Belinda left, leaving him with a small child to raise after his ex wife passed away in a car accident. Carter and Belinda had very valid feelings that left me torn throughout trying to decide whose side to take on certain things. With stories like this though there are no sides to take because both sides and feelings are important. I liked them both independantly and together. Belinda was a successful business woman with her own boutique specializing in plus sized clothing. Carter was a great father and a sexy lover despite his stubborn shortcomings and the two made a great pair.

 The passion and chemistry between them is still as hot as ever but it takes more than sex to bridge the gap. Belinda was headstrong and stubborn and Carter was at times hot and cold, especially when it came to his daughter Ruby. This little girl was the center of so many of their issues but ultimately became the glue that held the two together and gave them a stronger reason to work through their issues. Most times with children in books they either take away the focus of the story or serve no purpose at all but with Ruby, she not only added to the story but she became a valuable member of the character landscape. Ruby formed a bond with Belinda that melted my heart seeing as how Belinda was heartsick that Ruby wasn't hers and also a reminder of Carter's omission. Not having a mother affects the little girl deeply so it's not hard to see why she attaches herself to Belinda. Cater is very protective of the little girl and struggles to give up some control in raising her where Belinda is concerned causing another rift that needs mending.

Aside from the main focus of the book there were several side stories involving secondary characters that made the story more emotional for me. Belinda and her mother had unresolved issues between them that needed mending. Carter's family drama came to a head that ended up dragging Belinda into the fray and shining light on another issue between Carter and her. All of these things worked together to bring Belinda and Carter closer and help each other understand one another. There was an undertone of humor mixed in with the romance and drama I enjoyed a lot also. Belinda's father was a big jokester and his crazy nicknames for her friend Cherri that made me chuckle more than once. Plus the tenuous friendship between Belinda and Carter's mother was hilarious and sweet even though they seemed to hate each other.

Gentlemen Prefer Curves was a delightful surprise that had me captivated from the first page to the last. It's one of those stories that melts your heart and gets into your spirit that you'll remember for a long time afterwards. I'm almost tempted to start reading it again because I enjoyed it so much. Being the third in this series to my utter oblivion, I am curious about how the other characters stories worked out even though I know where they're at now. Sugar Jamison has a way of drawing emotions out of the reader in every spectrum of human feeling. I loved getting the dual points of view with her characters in this story and being able to get inside the hearts and minds of Belinda and Carter to see how each was effected by their circumstances. One of the main things I loved about this story is how deeply in love Belinda and Carter were despite their short courtship in the beginning that kept the two from fully moving on respectively. There were so many amazing moments and sexy encounters that I can't fully emote how wonderful this story was. Just know that you won't be disappointed with Jamison's second chance romance.


"You're supposed to be divorcing me."
"I'm also supposed to floss twice a day but that's not happening right now, either."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"It means that you're gorgeous and before O die I'm going to get you in a bed and make love to you until one of us can't see straight."
"You sound so sure of yourself," she said softly.
"I'm not, but I'm sure I haven't got you out of my system." eARC 42%

"You like what I'm wearing? Ellis calls this my rebel-without-a-cause look."
"I like it very much, especially the way your butt looks in these jeans."
"It looks big."
"Then you can call me Sir Mix A Lot, because, baby, you got back." eARC 70%

About The Author:

Sugar Jamison is a southern belle trapped in a New Yorker's body. With a love of big hair and high heeled shoes, she spends her day at her very normal day job and night dreaming up sweet but sassy romances.


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