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{Review} The Husband Maker by Karey White

Genre: Women's Fiction
Publication Date: June 17th 2014
Series: The Husband Maker #1
Pages: 226
Format: Kindle
Source: provided by author

Charlotte’s a girl with nicknames. She may not love being called Charles or Chuck, but the hardest nickname to take is the one she was given in college, the one that’s followed her now for too many years. They call her “the husband maker” and sadly, it fits. Every guy she's dated since high school has gone on to marry the next girl they date. Not two or three girls down the road. The very next one. Is she doing something wrong or is she just cursed? When Kyle Aldsworth enters the picture and sweeps her off her feet, Charlotte begins to hope that maybe she's not destined to be single forever. A senator’s son with political aspirations of his own, Kyle's wealthy, handsome, and in need of a wife. Will Charlotte be disappointed yet again, or will she finally be able to make a husband for herself?

The Husband Maker was a story that peaked my interest just by the title alone but after reading the synopsis I was sold instantly. It reminded me of the movie Good Luck Chuck with Dane Cook minus the raunchy comedy and well.. Dane Cook. I don't like him. Bleck. I'm already a huge fan of author Karey White and jump at the chance to read anything she writes because I always enjoy myself. The Husband Maker was a touching story about a woman's struggle to find the kind of love that will last and not settling for less.

"Always a bridesmaid, never a bride." If there is anybody on this planet who understands that old adage, it's me. Which is why Charlotte's character attracted my attention. She's a young woman with a great career, amazing friends, and a loving family who support and care for each other so what more could she want? The love of a good man. Yet another thing I can relate to her on. She's about as unlucky in love as they come with every guy she's dated since high school having gotten married not long after breaking up with her. While at the wedding of a previous ex Charlotte overhears a few women in the ladies room discussing her nickname. "The Husband Maker". After some "therapy" (BBQ ribs and pie) with her best friend Angus, Charlotte's spirits are lifted somewhat enough to pick herself up and try again. When her coworker Jayne sets her up, reluctantly I might add, with one of her husbands friends, she meets Kyle Aldsworth. The two hit it off and enjoy each other's company but can Charlotte get out of her head and let herself enjoy the moment. And will Kyle be the one or is Charlotte doomed to make him a someone else?

Looking back on this story I have butterflies in my stomach right now because this book was just fantastic! It wasn't just that the story was relatable and entertaining but there was a a deeper feeling buried in this one. I felt a sense of urgency mainly for Charlotte because I wanted her to find someone and actually get to keep them. It was heartbreaking to watch her yearn for love and miss the mark. Several looks into past relationships in the form of her memories had a lump in my throat especially one in particular that hit close to home and made me remember those same feelings of inadequacy she felt as well. Charlotte was a a wonderful young woman. She was ambitious, strong and just down to earth and sweet on top of being quirky and charming. She's a tall girl so finding the right guy is based on more than romantic compatibility for her. Charlotte isn't crazy about meeting Kyle at first because there is a significant age gap between them and she worries they might not have anything in common and of course a man in his mid thirties must be defective if he hasn't been married yet...right? It turns out that good old Kyle has just been looking for that special someone too all this time and hasn't had any luck. I loved watching the relationship between these two grow slowly with every step they take together. From watching them date and seeing Kyle woo Charlotte to the very real relationship they suddenly find themselves in when Kyle springs a very important and life changing decision on Charlotte.

Kyle Aldsworth was a great guy and a character I fell in love with. He was amazing to Charlotte. So chivalrous and protective. He treated her with respect and valued her as a significant other. There's no alpha male in him, he was just a classy gentleman. The beautiful things he did for Charlotte, such as a hot air balloon ride that turned comical to a failed water boarding lesson he always had Charlotte's best interests at heart. Things get pretty serious with Charlotte and he fully incorporates her into his world introducing her to his family who love and accept her into the fold. Kyle's life is difficult though, his father is the mayor and surprises everyone with the announcement that Kyle will be running for Senate with his endorsement. This changes the course of Kyle and Charlotte's relationship as they are thrust into the spotlight and scrutinized at every turn. Everything they say and do, what they wear, where they go, are all being watched by the public eye and puts a significant strain on their romance.

After getting through the majority of this book having fallen in love with Charlotte and Kyle and hoping things would work out for them I was caught off guard by the way things turned out for them. They have to look at where their lives are going separately and together and make some hard choices about their future. I have to admit it broke my heart to watch them take this journey together and know where they finally ended up but it took amazing courage to walk away from something so deep and powerful. I had tears pooled in my eyes wondering where the story would go from there seeing as how I was almost finished with the book and then BOOM!!!!! Cliffhanger. Right there, smack dab at the end. Totally didn't see it coming because I did't realize this was going to be a series. I got to the end and wanted to through my kindle across the room but then I turned the page and saw "Coming Soon" and breathed a sigh of relief that there's more on the horizon for this lovable heroine. This was a first for White I've noticed. Usually her M.O. is HEA but this time she tries her hand at a continuation of the story. She had  me at her mercy, on the edge of my seat with anticipation of how things would turn out. The way she took me from loving this couple, to heart break, then hopeful again, was an amazing testament to how talented this author is. I was fully invested in the story, loved every minute of it and can't wait to see where she takes Charlotte next.

Once again The Husband Maker proved to me that you can have an amazing, beautiful and heartfelt connection between characters and beautiful romance without the peek behind closed doors. White brought to life the chemistry in her characters and the excitement of new love and kept me engaged throughout. If you're tired of oversexed characters and stories with little substance let White take you on an emotional journey with Charlotte in The Husband Maker. 


He carried his age well. There was no gray mixed in with his dark, wavy hair and his face was smooth and free of any noticeable wrinkles, except when he laughed. The wrinkles that spring up around his eyes when that happened were just plain fantastic. Kindle 11%

"Did you know Jenny and I had a baby?"
"I didn't. Congratulations. Boy or Girl?"
"Boy. We named him Charger."
I love it when guys give me a reason to be grateful things didn't work out. Kindle 16%

I'm looking for love that lasts forever. I want a passionate love, the kind that inspires love songs and poetry. But I also want a love that brings peace. Kindle 86%

About The Author:
Through the years I've been a student, a teacher, a secretary, a clothing designer and seamstress, a wedding cake maker, a crafter, a scrapbooker, a cook, a housekeeper (alright, this skill I'm still working on) a homework helper (until they pass me in math, somewhere around the third grade), and a calm and ladylike fan at my children's sporting events. Nothing makes me happier than being with family and friends eating good food, sharing good conversation and a few laughs. When I'm with smart and funny people, I could stay there for hours.



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  1. Aw, poor Charlotte! I can really tell you enjoyed this one, and it comes across in your review!

  2. I've read her P&P-inspired book and loved it. I must try this one, loved her writng voice!

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the cliffhanger. I'll wait until the next book is out. I hate cliffhangers! lol

  4. Thanks for this lovely review! I hope Charlotte and I don't let you down!


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