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Title: War of Wizards (Secrets of Shadow Hill 3)
Author: S.P. Cervantes
Age group: YA
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: 5/27/14
Publisher: Center One Publishing


Ava and Dalton want nothing more than to forget about the danger their love puts them in, and live peaceful lives in Shadow Hill; but that is not their destiny. Evil continues to haunt them, threatening to destroy everything. Volikai’s determination to summon the dark powers that the Originals have kept hidden for centuries before the Prophecy can be fulfilled. When Patrick finds a new love, and learns of the reason for his powerful connection with Ava, he will stop at nothing to protect those he loves and destroy the evil that has plagued the world since the beginning of time. Together, they will be faced with unimaginable choices to save the one’s they love as the final secrets of Shadow Hill are revealed.

Meet The Characters:


Dalton is a strong, determined, smart, loyal, and of course a drop dead gorgeous hunk of man.  He lives with the Shadow Hill coven in Ireland, and his accent is something that makes Ava just melt. Along with being one of the most powerful wizards in the world, he is also an accomplished musician and loves to play the piano or his guitar to relax or entertain his friends.  Dalton has been through a lot in his life, and has kept an emotional distance from most people until Ava came into his life.  Dalton has been faced with difficult emotional and physical challenges and each time comes out stronger than before.  

Dalton’s virtues:  patient, loyal, smart, courageous, loving, focused, and forgiving

Dalton’s vices:     He is stubborn, sometimes emotionally protected, and now drinks too much coffee thanks to Ava.

Dalton isn’t based on anyone I know, but when I was writing him I thought of Liam Hemsworth physically…yum, and Colin Farrel’s sexy accent.  My Irish heritage has been a big part of my life growing up, and I’ve always been a sucker for an accent, and when I thought of things that would make Dalton attractive other than physically, I knew I wanted him to have an Irish accent.  I also really wanted to make sure that Dalton was a strong character.  He is so confident and sure of his feelings for Ava, that he doesn’t let anything get in his way.  In some ways, Dalton has changed the most over the three books.  In “Always and Forever” he was more of a loner, feeling it necessary to focus only on wizardry because of his quest to become Grand Master one day.  But once he met Ava, she brought family and friendship into his life.  He has become more balanced, and in turn, more at peace.  He has always been a fierce protector of Shadow Hill, and now he is also a fierce protector of all those he loves.  Dalton is a character I feel in love with because of his ability to look past the drama of a situation and will do whatever it takes to be with the ones he loves.


Ava is now in her twenties and has grown into a confident young woman.  The first thing you notice about Ava and her twin sister Hannah are how beautiful they are, but there is far more to her than her appearance.  She has become extremely strong after what she has gone through and has made some tough decisions.  She is kind hearted, but also has learned the importance of honesty in her relationships.  Ava and Hannah have been thrown into this magical world and come out stronger than before.  Her loyalty to Dalton and Patrick are a sign of her compassion and understanding of love.

Ava’s life has been put in danger time and time again, and the survival of Shadow Hill and the world depends on her powers.  She knows her heart belongs to Dalton, but is still connected to Patrick in a seemingly unbreakable way, making her life very complicated.

Virtues:  kind, compassionate, loving, thoughtful, intelligent, and empathetic

Vices:     fear, has a hard time making decisions at time, and loves to eat anything with chocolate or that is fried.  

People who know me always ask me if I’m Ava or Hannah because I am also a twin.  The truth is that I was careful not to model either character after us.  Instead, Ava is modeled after some of my favorite heroine’s from books I love by Jane Austen, Cassandra Claire, and Suzanne Collins.


Patrick is an athletic, opinionated, confident man with a passionate determination to protect Ava. 

 He is a few years younger than Dalton, but in a lot of ways, he has more depth because of the path his life has taken.  Patrick has been at Ava’s side since they were kids, and he thought they would one day be married.  That was until Dalton arrived and changed everything.  Patrick has been through a lot to be at Ava’s side and even when he realized that Ava’s love for Dalton was absolute, his need to protect her never wavered.  

Virtues: determined, loyal, caring, courageous, self-disciplined, tolerant, and trust-worthy

Vices:  stubborn (just like Dalton),  loves to each too much Taylor Ham and Strawberries pizza.

When I first started writing Patrick, I wanted to make sure he wasn’t a push over.  So many books I’ve read that have a love triangle of sorts, one of the characters becomes unlikeable in some way, but I didn’t want that for Patrick.  He and Dalton are alike in many ways, but also very different.  

Dalton is very careful with his words, while Patrick tells it how it is.  I know I have fans who surprisingly found themselves torn and started cheering for Patrick to be with Ava after what they went through together in “The Prophecy”.  His loyalty and love for her is steadfast, even when he knows how she feels about Dalton.  

Play List for War of Wizards:

Beautiful Day- U2
Sky Full of Stars- Coldplay
Radioactive- Imagine Dragons
Falling Slowly- Once, The musical
All of Me- John Legend
I Will- J.R.S. ( Jersey Rhythm and Sound)
Yellow- Coldplay
Just the Way You Are- Bruno Mars
Mr. Brightside- The Killers
I Won’t Let You Go- Snow Patrol
Sure Shot –Beastie Boys
Wicked Game- Phillip Phillips
Read My Mind-The Killers
Demons- Imagine Dragons
I Will Wait- Mumford and Sons
Lovers in Japan- Coldplay
Midnight- Coldplay
Ribs- Lorde
I’m Shipping Up to Boston-Dropkick Murphys
Uprising- Muse
Sad-Maroon 5
All I Want-Kodaline
              Magic- Coldplay


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About The Author:
S.P. Cervantes is the author of the highly rated New Adult Romantic Fantasy series Secrets of Shadow Hill.  “Always and Forever” and “The Prophecy” are the first two book in the series that are available now.  The third book in the series, “War of Wizards”  will be released in the summer of 2014.
S.P. Cervantes also has released her first book in a contemporary romance series, “Dust to Dust (A Broken Fairy Tale)”, with the second book of the stand-alone series, “Wished Away,” coming out late July 2014.

To connect with S.P. Cervantes:
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