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Release Day!!! On The Rocks Review and Giveaway

I'm so excited for you to read On The Rocks! You are going to LOVE Hunter. But he's MINE! I claim him as my book boyfriend ♥

Last Call, #1
Adult Contemporary Romance
Releasing February 17th, 2014

He left to travel the world for fame and glory, but only after spurning Gabby Ward and crushing her young heart. Now Hunter Markham has come back home to the sand and salty breeze of the North Carolina Outer Banks so he can open up Last Call, a beach bar nestled among the dunes of the Atlantic. 

Gabby Ward is not happy that Hunter has returned. Bitter over his rebuff years before, she’s content to stay far away from him and his dangerously charming ways. 

Gabby’s well-schemed plans to ignore Hunter go up in flames when he presents an offer to her that she simply can’t refuse, throwing them together in a common quest to each reach their goals. Working together day in and day out proves to be problematic for Gabby, who soon realizes that the feelings she had for him are still very much alive. Hunter struggles to reach through to Gabby’s cold heart, all while starting a new career away from his life as a top ranked, professional surfer.

What starts out as a mutual business arrangement soon turns into a passion that neither of them can continue to deny. 

Hard choices lay ahead for both of them when Hunter is offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to return to the pro surfing tour.

Choices that could destroy what they have built or take them further than they ever had dared to hope.

Globug's Take

I have been so in love with Sawyer Bennett's work lately. I'm not suprised at all that On The Rocks is now one of my favorites of all of her books. They just keep getting better and better.

On The Rocks starts by sharing Gabby and Hunter's first kiss. She has secretly crushed on Hunter since she was ten years old. When she takes the risk at eighteen to kiss him after a graduation party she can feel his desire for her is just as strong. That is until he comes to his senses and does what most guys do when they think they've done something wrong. He pushes her away, blames her and obliterates her heart acting like he's disgusted by the kiss.

Five years later Hunter returns from traveling all over the world becoming a surfing superstar. He has a twin brother Brody that is home after spending five years in prison. It's Brody's return home that has Hunter ready to give up everything to start a business in his home town so that he can be there for his brother. Hunter's new beach bar Last Call is need of major renovations.

As much as Gabby wants to avoid Hunter her desire to make it as a General Contractor is stronger. When her father passed away she left college to return home and run her fathers business. So far she's done okay but it would be a huge boost if she could win the bid to do the remodel work on Hunter's bar. Gabby's best friend Casey just happens to be Hunter's sister but Gabs wants to win the bid on her own merits.

So now the scene is set and the main characters are in place. Gabby still harbors feelings of hurt and rejection. Hunter is very much aware of how badly he hurt her and can still see the pain she trys to hide. He knew the kiss was something more because he could sense their shared depth of feelings. Now they bicker and are a little mean to one another at all times. It takes Brody who has honed in his observation skills while in prison to enlighten Hunter on the reason he and Gabby can't get along. It's simple, they both still have feelings for each other. All it takes for Gabby to realize this is a very vivid cum to jesus dream about Hunter.

Once these two find their groove it's smokin hot. Hunter is sweet and playful and hot as sin. Gabby is scared to let her heart fall too fast and believe in a lasting relationship with Hunter so she tries to push him away. The more she pushes the harder they both fall. They both have these huge generous hearts. I was so happy they were going to get their happy ending. Then this skank ass bitch Sasha shows up. She happens to be Hunter's ex-girlfriend and his best friends sister. I was getting all knotted up inside when she came to town. This is usually the part when the author has the leading man make some huge mistake. I was so proud of how Gabby and Hunter handled the ex being back in the picture. Thank God the author chose to write the outcome the way she did. But mistake were made, by Gabby in particular. It's how Hunter handles the situation that makes him one of my favorite book boyfriends of all time.

I loved Gabby and Hunter but the supporting characters are so good I found myself thinking of what their stories could be in the following books of the series. Brody's story will be next and I can't wait!

Favorite Quotes

First Kiss- "Hunter's arms wrapped around me tightly, and he brought his mouth back down on mine with a groan that was carnally seductive and had my stomach tightening with desire."-loc 94

Hunter-"Now my heart is hammering with nuclear thunder at the mere prospect that I'll be sunk deep inside of her before too long, and I'm almost drunk with pleasure just knowing that."- loc 1008

Gabby-"See... that's just it, Alyssa. I know he's the one. He's been the one for me most of my life. I just don't think that I'm the one for him. I can't risk falling, knowing that he might not be there to catch me."-loc 1494

Gabby-"I'm lying in bed and refusing to brush my teeth. My goal is to let a fur carpet start to grow."-loc3067

 About the Author:
 photo SawyerBennett_zps59043f28.jpg
USA Today Best-Selling author, Sawyer Bennett, is a snarky southern woman and reformed trial lawyer who decided to finally start putting on paper all of the stories that were floating in her head. She is married to a mobster (well, a market researcher) and they have two big, furry dogs who hog the bed. Sawyer would like to report she doesn't have many weaknesses but can be bribed with a nominal amount of milk chocolate.

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