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Ready To Fall by Daisy Prescott {Review}

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: December 14th 2013
Series: Companion to Geoducks Are For Lovers
Pages: 263
Format: ARC
Source: provided by author for review

When you fall, you fall hard... Every girl dreams of meeting a man like John Day. Tall, dark, and handsome is an understatement. With rugged good looks, his ever present plaid shirt, and a dog named Babe, John is a modern alpha male lumberjack in more ways than one. Lurking beneath the flannel and beard could be the heart of a romantic. Or is John a wolf in flannel clothing? After his favorite neighbor rents out her cabin for the winter, John finds himself playing fireman and tour guide to Diane Watson, a beautiful brunette with her own messy past and recent battle scars. Will he be ready to fall in love? Or will he fall back into his old, flirty ways? Hold onto your heart... and get ready to fall with John Day as he tells his story in this contemporary romance/romantic comedy told in male POV. This is a spin-off from Geoducks Are for Lovers. It is not necessary to read that novel first.

My Review:

While reading Geoducks Are For Lovers, the companion to Ready To Fall I fell completely in love with a buff lumberjack named John Day. Throughout the entire book all I could think of was that John's story would make some good reading and I turned out to be...say it with me folks... RIGHT! Never doubt me k? Anyway Ready To Fall was a true delight with it's sexy and witty characters and quaint island charm.

John Day has been an enigma since his first appearance in Geoducks. A man of VERY few words he works hard and lives a simple life on the island of Whidbey Washington. He's been a perpetual bachelor most of his life but has finally started dating his high school crush Kelly. Things seem to go pretty good for them as long as they don't define what they have but John eventually gets tired of waiting on her to divorce her husband. When his neighbor Maggie rents her cottage next door to Diane, another divorcee on her own for the first time in years, his luck might change... or not. 

I can't even tell you how fiercely I adore John Day. Yes I have a thing for guys with beards but add in the flannel shirts, tights jeans and timberland boots and I will turn into a puddle. It must be the Verile manly testosterone I imagine they exude on a daily basis. John day is one of those men but there is so much more to him than just chopping wood and sweating. *dreamy sigh* He's got some past issues I didn't expect that opened up a deep pool within him and made me fall so much harder for him. The death of his mother hinders him in relationships because he can't lose anyone else. I didn't think I would find anything to connect to him with other than the man meat betwixt his legs but him feeling like pushing people away instead of risk losing them was an unexpected surprise. When Diane comes into the picture he's attracted to her instantly but she's still fragile after leaving her cheating husband so they become friends. I loved the connection these two formed and how adorable they were together, even as friends.

Diane wasn't hard to fall in love with. At first she's vulnerable and hurting over her ex husband and the humiliating way she was discarded. Her friendship with John helps her heal and discover more about herself than she had the chance to when she was married. I loved watching John help open her up and relax. Her character definitely deserved a little fun and friendship. The best part was the sexual tension that seemed to radiate off both characters whenever they were together. The build up to the steamy romance was fantastically paced and well written. I was caught up with every scene and couldn't put it down. They helped each other and found something they both needed in the other person and watching this budding friendship develop into something more was so worth the struggles they went through.

My favorite characters from Geoducks made several appearances and made me completely happy. I loved seeing how happy Maggie and Gil were and Ryan and Quinn and their happiness was epic and sweet. One of the supporting characters that caught me by surprise was Tom "Give Her the D" Donnelly.  (That's just my nickname for him but trust me it is SO him!). This guy was probably the best wing man because the game he brought was at times lame but coming from a stout blond with a Nordic complexion would make even the most lesbian panties melt. He was hilarious and sexy and absolutely deserves his own story. I am crossing my fingers that he doesn't get overlooked because as much of a cad as he is he needs a woman to get under his skin and turn him inside out. I can only imagine how much fun that will be to see.

Ready to fall was everything I wanted and more. Sexy, dramatic, endearing and romantic. The story flowed perfectly, the characters were intriguing and fleshed out enough to get to know them. This was the perfect book for one of my favorite characters and I loved every minute. If you love hot bearded men as much as I do then Ready To Fall will satisfy your lumberjack fetish and make those cold nights a little less cold!


"Miss, ain't no type of duck involved. Geoducks are clams. And they look like tallywhackers. these boys are being rude. Tom, you should apologize. ARC 7%

"Okay, you don't appear to be the type of guy to invite me to see your dick clam, so sure, I'd be stupid to not accept your offer." ARC 9%

Something shifted between us that day at the bridge. Our worst secrets and the ugliness of our pasts laid exposed, but those truths didn't make me want to run or shut down. Instead, they drew us closer. Wrapped in a comfortable silence in the cab of the truck, warm and dry, it felt like the three of us were a team. ARC 43%

Draped in the blanket, her face illuminated only in the shadows, she rode me, hands clenched with mine. I couldn't get enough of her. I never wanted this to stop. Nothing else existed outside the bubble of our blankets and the tent. Only us. Alone in the woods. ARC 58%

"Loving and being loved feed each other. You can love without reciprocation, but being in love requires two. And you weren't there with me. Or you were, but I couldn't find you over the huge wall you built around yourself." ARC 83%

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About The Author:
Before writing full time, Daisy Prescott worked in the world of art, auctions, antiques, and home decor. She earned her degree in Art History and endured a brief stint as a film theory graduate student. Baker, art educator, antiques dealer, blue ribbon pie maker, blogger, content wrangler, freelance writer, fangirl, gardener, wife, and pet mom are a few of the other titles she’s acquired over the years. Born and raised in San Diego, Daisy and her husband (aka SO) currently live in a real life Stars Hollow in the Boston suburbs with their dog, Hubbell, and an imaginary house goat. Geoducks Are for Lovers is her debut novel. She is busy researching her second novel.



  1. I feel you! There's something about Timberlands and jeans that revs up my engines! John Day is my kind of man, for sure!

    In case I don't get to visit in the next two days, Merry Christmas, ladies! I hope you get awesome gifts and your time with fam & friends are just as memorable.

  2. Beard. Flannel. And a character you nicknamed "Give Her the D". I am...say it with me...SOLD.

    Great review, babe.

  3. You have me really excited about this one!


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