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The Pink Pearl by Suzette Marquis {Mini Review}

On the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea there is a legend of a gem more rare than diamonds, more valuable than gold, more mysterious than Atlantis-- the Pink Pearl. Rear Admiral Lindsley of the British Royal Navy has been searching for the Pink Pearl for over a decade. Yet it eludes him to this day. Now others seek the pearl, including a scoundrel pirate and a tavern cook. Who will unravel the mystery and claim the treasure? The pirate ship Mi'Lady is no ordinary vessel. Captained by a mysterious woman, who commands her crew and lovers with a velvet glove and a cat o'nine tales, the Mi'Lady holds more treasure than stolen bounty. Secret identities, backstabbing, mysteries, and new allegiances abound in this ribald tale of pirates, sex and adventures on the high seas. The Pink Pearl is a 10,000 word novelette. Rate M for mature.

My Review:

If you take this for what it is, a sexy pseudo companion novella, you won't be disappointed. The Pink Pearl was written by a character, Suzette Marquis, which is the pen name of a character inside another book.  Don't overthink it just read it, trust me!

The Pink Pearl was fun, sexy and the story behind it caught me off guard because I just thought it was a simple story of sex on the high seas. There is that but at the heart it's about a young woman running from her past and finding something she thought perished along with the rest of her dreams. Fiona is the captain of a pirate ship that is always trying to outrun the british royal navy for reasons unknown to everyone but her. She's as fierce on deck as she is in her quarters with the men she takes a liking to. Not many men make it past her keen sense of intuition except for one, Fair Robert who has been with her longer than anyone else. With the arrival of a surprising addition to her crew she finds out her trust was misplaced and everything she's worked to keep hidden is unraveling. There is a much bigger story involved than just what is perceived especially when William comes aboard the ship and shakes everything up. I loved him and the story he brings to the table. 

I have a love/hate relationship with Novellas and The Pink Pearl is the main example of why. By the time you get wrapped up in the story, it ENDS! There have been very few novellas I have loved so much that I wished they were full length but I seriously think this would make a great lengthy novel. Without spoiling the ENTIRE story because it wouldn't be hard with this fantastic novella, I will say this was a big win for me! I wasn't prepared to be sucked into this story and fall in love with the characters. There was so much going on in what I'm calling "The Little Book That Could". Pirates, hot sex, true love and skullduggery are just the tip of the iceberg. Getting to the final page was a little sad because now I have to wait for the next installment in this Pirate saga! What started out as cross promotion from another book turned into something really interesting and inviting. If you like short stories that will give you a needed break from reality then The Pink Pearl would be a safe bet.


 “Did I please you, mi’lady?” “You always do. It’s why I keep you around rather than toss you into the sea with the morning’s chamber pots.” “But you’d miss me if I wasn’t here, you must admit.” “I’d miss your tongue and your cock. Both can be replaced. I have an entire crew who possess one of each, except those who have been gelded,” Kindle 15%

Fiona shouted and swiftly reversed their positions on the bed. She held his arms above his head in her hands, her thighs clamped tight around his hips. Glowering down at him, she growled. “Lest you get the wrong idea, I am still Captain. And still a pirate. Not a school girl who swoons over boys.” Kindle 84%

About The Author:
Suzette Marquis is the pen name of Selah Elmore, who is a fictional character created by Daisy Prescott. Still with me? Suzette writes steamy tales of pirates when not daydreaming about lumberjacks and bearskin rugs. Daisy Prescott is a full time writer who dreams up characters who demand their own publications. To learn more about Suzette, aka Selah, read Daisy's book, Geoducks Are for Lovers, available in both ebook and paperbacks.

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  1. Yeah...I'm confused. What book is this a spin-off from? I saw Daisy Prescott, so is it a spin-off from Geoducks?

    Whatever the case, I'm glad you liked it!

  2. Love this--->"If you take this for what it is, a sexy pseudo companion novella, you won't be disappointed. The Pink Pearl was written by a character, Suzette Marquis, which is the pen name of a character inside another book. Don't overthink it just read it, trust me!" I still need to read Geoducks!

  3. Sex in the high seas! At first glance I thought this was a middle grade book and had to take a second look!


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