Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Naughty Mafia Rocks Globug in Vegas!!


Oh where to begin? August 16, 2013 I boarded my flight to Las Vegas for the Naughty Mafia Rocks Las Vegas book event. This would be my first trip to Vegas and fortunately I didn't have to experience it alone considering I had told my husband he could NOT go with me. I spent four fabulous nights with Katie of Group Therapy Book Club and Nicole (No H) Martin who blogs for SMI Book Club.

Our first night started with a bang at the Welcome party held in Body English at the Hard Rock Hotel.

We got to chat and dance with authors, bloggers, and a few of the cover models who had been invited. After a few hours the party had to come to a close at Body English but of course the night was not over. Me, Nic, and Katie took to the streets to find one of our favorite authors Elizabeth Lee. She was out with friends and family enjoying the sights and a live band (Mr. and Mrs. Smith) at the club Harrahs. The band was crazy good. We also learned that Elizabeth's husband has got moves like Jagger (I've got video proof but I don't think I'm supposed to share it). Ahhh, what the hell.

So for our second day in Vegas we were excited to meet some of our favorite authors and their cover models. This event was packed but ran so smoothly. Huge compliments to the authors that organized the event: Kelli Maine, Michelle Valentine, Emily Snow, and Kristen Proby. Following the book signing we had even bigger plans. We had an unexpected game of Taxi Cab confessionals. Me, Nic, and Katie had a very enlightening conversation I'm sure the cab driver won't soon forget. The largest group that The Thunder Down Under had ever had reserve a show prepared to be entertained. We weren't allowed to use cameras at all which is a shame. Let me tell ya, more than once it was some of the ladies from the book event that were stealing the show. They performed a fake orgasm on stage, got a large hand full, and maybe even a little horizontal action on the stage. It was too much fun although we thought there would be less clothes on the men. No worries, we took care of that another night. Immediately following that show, we hurried back to Hottest Abs contest being held at the Vanity Club in the HRH.

Now that was a fun night!!!! Sunday started with a blogger appreciation brunch and then another book signing in the afternoon. Again the signing went perfectly. It was Elizabeth Lee's first book signing and she rocked it.

We also had a blast talking with #TeamAussie. One of my favorite quotes over the weekend came from them.
                                "If I eat one more corn chip, I'm going to shit a Mexican"

Another HIGHLIGHT of Sunday would have to be the cover models at the event: Aaron McGuire, Bryce Thompson, Brandyn Farrell, and Parker Hurley. They were all so kind and generous with hugs and authographs and pictures.

Then, the absolute highlight of my weekend happened. And there was only one witness, well technically two. Thank heavens Nicole was with me. We were strolling through the Hard Rock Hotel back to our room when I spotted DREW DOYON. He is the cover model from the Hush Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick. I nearly melted on the spot people. You have no idea how much I love this guy. And to just happen to spot him in Vegas, yes I nearly died. He was there with his girlfriend Courtney Prather who is gorgeous and sweet and I tried to not freak her out by fangirling over her man but it couldn't be helped. He recognized who I was from our twitter conversations. Yes!!! He knew who I was. Heart exploded!! I was able to get pics with him and a hug.

Sunday night became my night of sin. Not really, but pretty close. Me, Nic and Katie decided to check out The Olympic Garden. We got there shortly after it opened and stayed until the place closed. So, this is stripper club. I've never been to one before and wasn't sure what to expect. We chose to not sit at the side of the stage but instead at a table off to the side. We watched as more and more men/strippers came into the club. Apparently, Sunday is a slow night for them but trust me, there was plenty to see. We were starting to feel neglected when two different guys had stopped by to ask if we had drinks yet and they had to send the manager over. I may have had a few colorful words with him and then he informed us he would now be our server for the night. His name was "Bruno". Once he told us what to expect when our drinks made it to the table, we were wishing we could take our order back. For as soon as the drinks hit the table, no less than six strippers were in front of us ready to start the lap dances. With a loud plea of "Whooooaaaa, no cock in the face", they dispersed to make some money with the other ladies in the club. There would be no lap dances for us but priceless convo with Bruno and several of the strippers who would take a seat and chat with us. We got stipper intel for sure. And what was seen happening in a back dark and dirty corner can not be unseen. Our minds were blown more than once.

Monday, I walked my ass off following Katie, our personal tour guide. We walked the strip, went to the top of the Stratosphere and watched the fountain in front of the Bellagio.  Katie and Nicole even rode the Insanity at the top of the Stratosphere. We even had the famous In N Out burgers for dinner. We had hoped to ride the zip line on Fremont but it was under construction. We ended our weekend sharing desserts at Serendipity3.

The only thing that could have made the weekend better was if Hootie had been there. I will definitely plan to attend the event again next year.

Here are a few of my favorite tweets and hashtags:


Ok got so excited at Thunder from Down Under that she even got me wet --Nicole (No H) Martin

 It is only fitting that after got me wet yesterday that I get a taste of her -- Nicole (No H) Martin

" The one and only is sitting behind us on the way to Vegas! :D "--Teri Beth


  1. Love this post and you SO much Glo!! Best time ever and I will definitely be doing it with you next year!

    Yours Truly,
    Nicole (No H)

  2. Finally…I've been waiting for a post about this! Look like you all had an AB-ulous time. ;-) Those dudes are freaking TALL! xoxo

  3. Awesome recap! So nice to meet you and your gal pals at Gina & Parker's table :) It was an amazingly F-U-N weekend and my first trip to Vegas as well. So you hit the OG Club, too, huh? I need deets/stripper intel...bad! Will ask my BIG question in code: Why the wet noodles and no al dente? Can't wait to see you there next year, if not before, at another cool bookworm fest. ps - Team Aussie are a pack of wild sweethearts, aren't they? Love them.

  4. OMG I'm LOL-ing over this post!

    I see you copping a feel over those young one's abs, looks lean! LOL

    Oh man, that live stripper/erotica show sounds loud and a lot of fun!



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