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Angels Of Omnific: Promotional Event featuring Patricia Leever {Guest Post + Giveaway}

Today I am pleased to be participating in the Angels Of Omnific Promotional Event and Giveaway. We are bringing you a special look at author Patricia Leever and her books DIVINITY and CLARITY. Below you will find information for both books, a guest post by the author and an excerpt from CLARITY, the prequel to DIVINITY. Thank you for stopping by and don't forget to enter the giveaway! -Hootie

Omnific Publishing is celebrating all things Omnific, Romance, and Angels! August 5th-10th, participating blogs will be featuring different guest posts, interviews, and excerpts by the authors of The Omnific Angels. Don’t forget to enter the giveaways and visit the other stops by clicking the linky list below. Different blogs will be hosting three different giveaways for each author. Omnific and the authors would like to invite you to join the Angel Goodreads Group! Head over to Goodreads and see what’s going on:

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Excerpt from CLARITY:

And, with that, we accepted Gabriel’s offer. 

Kneeling before him as the train careened along, we grasped hands. Alexander and Isolde stood behind us, Alexander’s hand on my shoulder and Isolde’s on Tessa’s. Gabriel likewise placed a hand on each of our heads, and as warmth filled my body, radiating out of every limb, every hair, every fiber of my being, his voice became all-consuming. “I bestow upon you these angelical gifts: you will fear no illness, for none shall touch you; you will not fear age, for that shall stand aside for you; you will not fear weakness, for my strength shall course through you; you will not fear ignorance, for you shall have the knowledge you seek without effort; and you will not fear death, for when it comes to you, it shall bring you to my side.” 

Bright light painted in brilliantly beautiful colors filled the air around us, swirling with life. Warm angelical breath washed over everyone, and I could almost feel Gabriel’s presence within me, building me up, fortifying every molecule in my body. The sensation seemed endless, but in truth, it only lasted for a moment. 
When the inside of the car returned to normal, Gabriel was gone and Tessa and I could start our life anew.


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Writing Mom
By Patricia Leever

Being a wife and stay-at-home mom of four, people ask me where I find the time to write. I could tell you that I have devised an iron clad schedule that breaks down my day to the second, that I have the discipline of a Tibetan monk and my children are perfect angels that busy themselves by sewing clothes for the homeless whilst I write. 

Yeah, and then I woke up. Well, if I actually slept I’d wake up. 

Honestly, I’ve tried the whole schedule thing but ya know what, when you have four kids and a husband that has a home office, that shit just doesn’t always work. One sick kid can throw the whole “schedule” into complete and utter chaos. And then there are the days that it seems like every creature in the world is doing everything that it possibly can to keep me from writing a single solitary word. Not gonna lie, more often than not those are the days where stuff is just itching to be written and I may or may not turn into Psycho Mom Beast. You know what I’m talking about right, your face turns bright red, blue laser beams blast out of your eyeballs and fire shoots from your mouth every time it opens. But it’s cool because everyone runs and hides and I have all the time in the world to write, of course I’ve just spent all my energy instilling fear into the hearts of my loved ones and as soon as I get the laptop open the inspiration to write fizzles to staring at blank screen. 

Seriously though, it’s not easy to find time to write and I really don’t think there is any one thing that works for certain or works more than once. 

So I guess the only answer to, “Where do you find time to write?” is simply this, no frills, no magic, just what I can, when I can. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, my kids have interrupted me about twelve times since I started writing this and I feel the Psycho Mom Beast getting worked up ;-)

About The Author:
Patricia Leever is a wife, stay-at-home mom of four and owner of one dog and one little black cat. On the average school day she runs about town like a lunatic picking-up and dropping off kids and trying to find a moment of quiet to write down a word or two. She’s a sci-fi geek that loves to dress up like a zombie and participate in the local zombie march down Main St. and laugh as much as possible; laughter frees the mind and heals the soul. Live. Breathe. Write.


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