Monday, June 17, 2013

What She Left Us by Stephanie Elliot {Book Blast + Excerpt}

Genre: Adult Contemporary
Author: Stephanie Elliot
Publication Date: April 2nd 2013
Cover Design: Okay Creations

Jenna and Courtney are dealing with the unexpected death of their mother in different ways. Jenna broke off her engagement to the man she thought she'd love forever, while Courtney headed back to college to take charge of a dorm-floor full of college students as a resident assistant. Six months later, Jenna is fueled by panic over the news that the sisters may have the same disease that caused their mother's death and she makes an irrational decision - she packs it up and heads to college to be with Courtney. The timing couldn't be worse for Courtney, who's discovering love for the first time with Mitch, a sexy guitar player who may just be off limits. Emotionally unstable, Jenna wonders if she made the worst mistake of her life by breaking off her engagement with Darren, and when he shows up to make amends, she can't help but second-guess her decision. But then there's Clay, the compassionate bartender at Klippy's who seems to understand everything Jenna's going through. And those hazel eyes just seem to see right through to Jenna's soul… As the girls maneuver through their unpredictable futures, trying to manage their new health risks as well as tumultuous love lives, Courtney finds a disturbing photograph that indicates there may be more to their family than she ever imagined. This stunning revelation could shatter the sisters to the very core, making them question everything they thought they knew about their family, their faith, their past and, most of all, each other.

Courtney listened by the door again. Mark-Matt finished the song and moved onto another one. She realized she better get in there and stop the music so the other kids could get to sleep, but before she knocked, she heard the first notes from a song that wrecked her soul. It was Gravity by John Mayer. Oh, how she loved that song.  She listened to the quiet beginning of the song, and then knocked softly. Because she really didn’t want him to stop playing. The music continued. A harder knock this time, and she heard fingers slash through the guitar strings – and an abrupt stop in the music. She heard the guitar plunk down, movement from inside, and then the door handle turned. Mark-Matt opened it. And there he was. The guitar player. How come Courtney hadn't noticed him before? “Hey RA.” “Hi, are you Mark? Matt?” “Mitch.” “Oh. Mitch.” “Yeah, Mitch.” Courtney said nothing. “Did you come for the performance?”

His smile. That was the first thing she noticed. Well, that was a lie. The first thing she noticed was the music. But the second was the smile. His straight beautiful, white teeth. And the way he grinned down at her. And that cheeky little bit of humor. Did she come for his performance?! And a sprinkle of freckles on the bridge of his nose. And lashes. Lashes like no boy should be allowed. “Well?” he asked. “Um, no. Well, kind of.” Courtney said, “Actually, a complaint.” “I hope not from you?” Another smile. “Nope.” She smiled back. “That’s good.” He grinned. Courtney felt her cheeks burning and her smile widen. “Come in?” She did. His room was one of the smaller dorm rooms, and his guitar was on the chair by the desk. He sat on the bed, and since there was nowhere else for her to sit, she sat next to him, awkwardly. “Wait? No roommate?” Courtney asked. 

He laughed, “You’re the RA, aren’t you supposed to know these things? I’ve got a single. I transferred here from State. I’m a junior. Man, you don’t do your homework, do you?” “I guess not. It hasn’t been a very good year for me so far. But anyway, that’s not why I’m here. Someone did complain about the music,” she said. “But not you?” he asked. “Not me,” she said. "And only because it was too loud. Not because it wasn't good." “Well, that’s good.” “So, you’re a junior?” she asked. “What are you doing living in the dorms?” “Since I transferred here and didn’t know anyone, I chose the dorms. Plus, I didn’t want to have to cook. I like dorm food.” “Why’d you transfer here?” “The music program.” Courtney nodded. “Obviously, that’s what you’re studying?” “Well, that… ” “And what else?” “You. Right now.”



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