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Blog Tour: Enemy Within (Vampire Born #2) by Angeline Kace {Review + Excerpt + Giveaway}

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy Romance
Author: Angeline Kace
Publication Date: April 30th 2013
Series: Vampire Born #2 
Format: Kindle purchased from Amazon

Two guys who’ve stolen her heart. Three races and only one of them worthy. Countless enemies with insatiable bloodlust for power. Will one girl's curse ultimately save her? Half-vampire Brooke Keller barely survived the slaying of her worst enemy, only to learn that Zladislov—the world's most powerful vampire, leader of the vampire world, and her father—wants her dead. However, this time, she's not only fighting vampires but a raging monster within her that endangers what's left of her humanity. And when a deadly disease threatens to take her best friend's life, Brooke tries to convince Kaitlynn to accept a monster of her own: becoming a Zao Duh. As a former slave to the Pijawikas, Mirko is driven to protect the innocent at all costs, but he has never faced a foe more formidable than Zladislov. And when the Commission bears down on Brooke, Mirko finds the stream of enemies runs deeper than he ever imagined

My Take:
Enemy Within picked up where Descended by Blood left off with Brooke thinking her newfound father was trying to kill her. Mirko rallies a group of Zao Duh's to try and protect her but her father makes it clear he means her no harm and claims her as his daughter despite the consequences. Brooke and her father must face the council to explain themselves, her for killing a protected vampire; Jelena and her father for creating a half breed human/vampire in Brooke. She also has to figure out who tried to kill her and why while also fighting to save her friends' lives. Her life is on the line as the book draws to a close and a surprise twist ending leaves you hanging until the next book!

Enemy Within was amazing! I loved finally getting answers to the questions I had from book 1. With the main question being who Brooke would chose to give her heart to, Jaren or Mirko. I was surprised to see her choice made very early in the book and was even more excited because she went with who I wanted her to be with. Brooke had to do a lot of growing up in this book as she fought for not only her life but the lives of the people she cared about most. With her best friend Kaitlyn dying from Meningitis she has to make a quick decision to save her that will have repercussions well into the next installment.

There was so much going on in this story with Brooke having to go to Croatia, and her father being taken away by the council until they could hear her side of things. I wasn’t expecting some of the twists that came to light and found myself gasping a few times out of shock. People who have been close to her father Zladislov weren't as trustworthy as they seemed making the reader question whether her father really was the bad guy. The relationship between Brooke and her father was touching as they got to know each other better and I was glad to see Brooke finally have answers for her peace of mind.

One of the best parts of the book was Mirko. The sexy, Croatian, half vampire beefcake that protects and loves Brooke. If you think he couldn't get any sexier from the first book then I must warn you that he becomes ten times more amazing, sexy and sweet as this book progresses. Seeing him put his life on the line and stop at nothing to keep Brooke safe made my heart melt and SWOON. I loved that we got to experience the book from his Point Of View as well as Brooke's because it helped the reader to understand him better. We got to see exactly what he's been going through since Descended By Blood.

Vampires may be less popular now than they were when the first book released but Enemy Within proves they aren't dead...well they are sorta but anyway. With action, drama, romance and a few steamy scenes to get your blood pumping, Enemy Within was a fantastic sequel that will leave you thirsty for more!

“Can you hear it? It beats for you. You’ve given my life a new purpose, Slatki. From the moment I saw you, my heart beat to a different rhythm. Your rhythm. Listen to it.” Loc. 379

I want to smack him and lick his face at the same time— smack him for being so happy in the wake of Jaren’s pain, and lick him for the way his eyes smolder. Loc. 1676

“I want to tear your shorts off with my teeth.” She smiles and holds up a condom in shiny, red packaging. “Good, because I want you to.” Loc. 3636


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Brooke’s fingers twitch toward Kaitlynn.

I squint, not sure of what I saw.

No, I saw it, but I can’t believe it. Kaitlynn is bringing Brooke back. 

Brooke’s foot slides across the bottom of the bed, causing a wave in the covers.

“Kaitlynn, you need to move away now,” I say.

She sits up and stares down at Brooke. “Brooke?”

A hoarse, scratching growl leaks from Brooke’s throat.

I jump to Kaitlynn and nudge her out of the way.

Brooke opens her eyes, but they’re cloudy and unfocused.

“Jaren, take her out,” I command as I push Kaitlynn farther behind me.

Brooke tilts her head toward me and this is when her eyes focus—on my throat. She snarls and lifts her head slightly, as if the quiver in my neck’s artery calls to her.

A deep rumble echoes within the room, rising and falling with the beat of my heart, stemming from Brooke’s chest. She is a Pijawika in their most primal state. All conscious thought is gone, leaving only the survival instinct of a hungry beast.

I step back slowly, giving myself room to maneuver when Brooke makes her move, and I bump into Kaitlynn. Why haven’t she and Jaren left yet? I push hard behind me. Kaitlynn’s body takes the impact and flies back. That’d better be the nudge they need to run.

Brooke jumps onto the bed and rests on the balls of her feet, knees bent—a classic prestrike pose. I couldn’t have taught her such good form over the course of our training together. This is all instinct. Raw, killer instinct.

I straighten my shoulders and puff out my chest, slowly shaking my head left to right, and glare down at her. It’s a warning, a subtle and assertive warning.

She hesitates and leans back on her heels.

Good, she’s backing down.

But then her lip curls, and she leans forward again.

I’m amazed with her balance, but at the same time petrified at the dominance of the beast within. My confidence in handling the situation wavers.

“Leave!” I order as Brooke pounces. She lunges at me with strength she never possessed before.

I swipe at her, grabbing the base of her neck with a single hand, and throw her to the ground. I land on top of her, but she grabs my forearm and uses the momentum to pull me off and rolls on top of me.

She mimics my method and grabs me by the base of my neck but extends her claws, locking her fingers into place.

I still. Not even a hitch of breath contracts my ribs. I’ve never in my life been in such a precarious position. Not even when my hands were chained to a wall.

Brooke’s breath flows over me, vicious and raw. Her stomach growls, and the rumble stretches and rolls up her chest, clawing its way out from her throat.

Fighting her can be deadly. I have to submit. I tilt my head slightly, revealing the perfect spot on my neck for her to bite me without slitting my artery but allowing her to appease the hunger.

She grinds her teeth and pops her fangs out from her gums. She shivers, most likely when a tingle I’m familiar with travels up her spine, and she follows it down to my neck.

About The Author:
Angeline is a Scorpio living in the Rocky Mountains with her husband and two dogs. She loathed dogs and their "stick to me everywhere" hair until she fell for a pit bull. She works full time at CPA firm and is going to school to get her Accounting degree. While she's slaving away, trying to figure out why accounts aren't balancing, she's dreaming about books. She started reading seriously- staying up all night to finish a book and buying every new release she could afford- after finishing Twilight. Say what you want about the series, but it got a lot of people reading, so it's brought more to this world than just sparkly vampires. She loves all things paranormal, but her favorites are vampires, werewolves, and zombies. In that order. You can find out more about Angeline at



  1. This sounds even better than the first book. And I'm hoping since you said Brooke made a choice that it was Mirko. Great review, babe!


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