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Sultry Spring Saturday's 4/27: Bending Over Backwards by Samantha Hunter {Review}

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Adult Contemporary/Erotic Romance
Expected publication July 2013
ARC provided by author for review

"They both lost everything, and then they found each other." Jasmine Stanford has to be the most stressed-out yoga instructor on Cape Cod. Years after a childhood trauma left her penniless, homeless and parentless, working hard to maintain her hard-won success and security is all she knows. Controlling her carefully rebuilt life is Jasmine's first priority, and there's no room or time in it for sexy former stockbroker Leo Fischer. But the more Leo comes around, the more Jasmine feels her resolve crumbling. Leo is-or was-a hotshot investment banker until a workplace tragedy wiped out his memory and his career. On Cape Cod to recover, he's at loose ends, his future uncertain...until Jasmine becomes his north star. But their relationship is only physical, and Jasmine keeps her distance, even when she's as close to him as any woman can be. Jasmine is anything but indifferent to the desire exploding between them. A summer fling was fine when she thought Leo would return to New York. But she's falling hard-and the last thing she wants to catch her is the past... Warning: This book contains a wounded hero hotter than a summer sun and sex in very flexible positions.

My first experience with a Samantha Hunter story was when I read Tight Quarters, her Strangers On A Train novella that I loved! So when she emailed me and asked if I wanted to read her newest book I was like "HELL. YES."  

It opens with Leo Fischer recouping from a deadly office shooting that has left him with scars both emotionally and physically. See Leo took a shot to the arm after pushing another coworker out of the way of the gunman. He can remember mostly everything from his past just not the events involving the shooting. Staying at his boss' beach house in Cape Cod while trying to recover helps him try and figure out where he goes from here. During his morning coffee on the deck routine he sees Jasmine Stanford. A Sexy auburn haired Yoga instructor he can't keep his eyes off of...or hands for that matter.

Jasmine is trying to overcome her past and the sins of her father by building her small Yoga studio into a real business. She teaches Yoga on the beach in the mornings directly in front of Leo's beach house and when he introduces himself she is instantly into his  dark eyes and sexy smile. She can tell by the way he dresses and carries himself that he is just like the other men in her past and tries to stay away from him but the more she gets to know him the more she can't seem to help herself. Leo shows up to one of her classes to help ease the pain in his arm from the gunshot and when he invites her out to dinner she declines dismissing him as a playboy stockbroker she knows his type all too well. After a while she starts to feel bad about being bitchy to him so she makes him some cookies as an apology but what she gets in return is a much better gift!

Wow! Let me just say that Samantha Hunter knows how to write the FUCK out of some sex scenes! I've only read two of her stories but they are both on my top hottest books list. This one was so damn hot I felt sweaty and flushed reading about these two characters. Jasmine being a Yoga instructor can you imagine the kinky shit they did? It was so well done I think I want to start doing Yoga so I can hit that spiritual fuck me level! DAYUM! There is a hot shower scene with some breathing techniques and lots of OG's and the passion between these characters was making my pulse pound. She tells him that Tantric lovers can go at it for days. DAYS you guys! Is that humanly possible? I can barely stand one OG much less days of having the same sweaty, pudgy, smelly bastard pumping me non stop. Ain't nobody got time for that! I got shit to do! But beyond the hot sex, Leo and Jasmine were a really fun, and sexy couple. They both have issues with their pasts, that keeps them in a constant state of push and pull.

When Jasmine was a young teen her father pulled a Bernie Madoff type deal where he ripped off several investors and then took his own life. Her mother checked out mentally and she had to raise herself and fend off the unwanted press so she guards herself from new acquaintances to avoid the subject being brought up. Leo changes all that when he comes in the picture and wants to get to know her. She doesn't want to get involved with him because she knows once he remembers his old life he will leave the Cape and Head back to New York. What she doesn't know is that Leo is having a life changing moment every day he spends with her and away from what he knew. Being on the Cape and trying his hands at restoring old furniture is giving him a new purpose in life. Leo tries everything he can to get Jasmine to open up but her walls are thick! It's not until a visit from her mother and the revelations that follow, changes Jasmine's perspective on the past and allows her to forgive and start to heal. She's finally at a place where she can let Leo in but she worries it may be too late. Of course the author doesn't leave us hanging, she gives you a really sexy closing moment that satisfied me as a Jas/Leo fan! 

Final thoughts: Sweet, Wicked hot and endearing romance, Bending Over Backwards was a really good quick read that will get you juiced up for some freaky Tantric lovin' of your own!

Favorite Quotes:

~Getting to his feet, he pressed in close behind her and slid his cock back and forth a few times like he had with his fingers before thrusting home. He went deep the first time, taking her up to the hilt. She pressed back into him, letting him know that she wanted more. eARC 24%

“We always want the ideal, but the reality is that we usually love what we shouldn’t.” eARC 46%

~When he seemed close, their movements changed from her sucking him to him fucking her mouth. She brought her hand up to cup his balls, stroking the skin behind ever so lightly. He yelled out her name as he filled her almost faster than she could swallow what he gave up. eARC 50%

~“This is so stupid. I feel like an idiot, like I wasted so much time this summer being defensive and pushing you away, and now you’re leaving, and… well, that’s about it. I know it took me too long to figure it out.” eARC 90%

Samantha Hunter lives in Syracuse, NY, where after working as a university writing instructor for ten years she's began writing full-time at home. Her first book was a Harlequin Blaze, Virtually Perfect (July 2004), which was the very first book she ever wrote and submitted (so don't think it can't happen!). Since, she's written seven more Blaze books, with more on the horizon. When she's not writing, reading about writing, thinking about writing, or talking about writing, Sam enjoys spending time with family and friends, walking with her husband and their dogs (usually picking his brain on plots and character development, or talking about books they are reading at the time), learning to quilt, working in the unruly gardens that surround her house and reading. Her favorite authors are too numerous to list. Growing up back when no one cared if kids watched eight hours of TV a day, she's still an addict and some favorite TV shows are Lost, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bones, Desperate Housewives, and most fantasy/adventure/comedy that focuses on rich characterization and compelling storylines. Sam looks at life as a continuous story being played out around us, and writers are people who just happen to be paying attention at the time. She enjoys grasping what she can of those observations and transplanting them in books, weaving them into new tales, and hopes to be writing romance in all its different facets for many years to come.


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