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Review: Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Series: Beautiful #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: April 2nd 2013
Publisher: Atria
Format: ARC provided by Netgalley
Rating: 5 Stars 


Finally, the highly anticipated follow-up to the New York Times bestseller Beautiful Disaster. Can you love someone too much?
Travis Maddox learned two things from his mother before she died: Love hard. Fight harder.

In Walking Disaster, the life of Travis is full of fast women, underground gambling, and violence. But just when he thinks he is invincible, Abby Abernathy brings him to his knees.

Every story has two sides. In Beautiful Disaster, Abby had her say. Now it’s time to see the story through Travis’s eyes.

First of all I want to start by thanking Netgalley, Atria and Jamie McGuire for giving ARC's out in "First come, First served" fashion. I am sure we were all like Flies on shit trying to get our hands on this much anticipated book.

I can't even put into words the feeling I have right now. It's somewhere between melancholy and Euphoria. Beautiful Disaster is one of my all time favorite books so I naturally couldn't wait to get Walking Disaster and see what Travis went through. I am probably one of very few people who actually liked Abby in Beautiful and took her side throughout, believing that Travis was a dickhead man whore. Don't get me wrong I still fell in love with him but I empathized more with Abby in how she tried to protect herself from him. But in Walking I really started disliking her once seeing things from Travis' perspective. I am sure the question on everyone's mind is "Is it the same book as Beautiful Disaster?" Yes and No. Yes there are some of the same scenes with the same dialogue but seeing things from Travis' side is completely different. Certain events that we saw from Abby's view look completely different when seen from Travis'.

If the prologue of this book doesn't have you at least misty eyed then you are just evil. It begins with a young Travis having to say goodbye to his dying mother and having her give him advice for him to remember later in life. I was instantly more in love with Travis and every dickhead thing he did/does was totally forgiven just by reading the prologue. It is heart breaking to watch not only Travis but his family lose this cornerstone they love and adore. I can't even imagine but the way McGuire wrote the characters in this situation made it feel real and very emotional. From his brother's facial expressions to his dad breaking down, everything was raw in it's delivery.

When we catch up to Travis and Abby present day the circus show that is their relationship begins. Watching their love story from Travis' eyes was perfect. I loved finally knowing what was going on inside his head. Seeing his thought process on everything from his fights, to the girls that throw themselves at him to his intense love for Abby felt like being given the dead sea scrolls or the mystery of life. Travis Maddox we know had some issues in BD but in WD we find out the reasons behind his demeanor. The grief of losing his mother has broken him and caused him to become a somewhat unfeeling asshole. He hides his hurt and anger behind fighting, drinking and sex but when he meets Abby she calls out in him everything he is trying to bury. 

The supporting cast of characters are just the cherry on top of this magnificent story. Not only do you get a little more of America and Shepley but you get to see papa Jim and Trenton! I fell in love with Trent during the fire scene in Beautiful and thankfully there is a whole lot more of him in this book. I was so excited when I found out that Trent and his brothers are getting their own books. Can you imagine the world full of more Maddox boys? I can and I love a good sausage fest!! One particular scene had me in hysterics watching everyone gather around Travis offering support in a time of need. Having heard throughout both books that Travis' brothers were rough on him growing up it was really nice to see how close they all were when one of them needed comfort. Seeing Travis so vulnerable was something I don't think i was prepared for honestly. I knew he had feelings obviously but the depth of emotion his character shows in this book was just....I don't know, I can't really describe it!

As I got closer to the end of the book I thought it would just end on a happy note like Beautiful did but I was very pleasantly surprised to find there was an epilogue. THANK YOU JAMIE MCGUIRE!! Although epilogue doesn't even describe the amazing-ness that closed out this book. Jamie should coin the phrase EPIC-Logue because that's what this book gives us! Not only was it beautiful and emotional but it was very fulfilling for die hard Trabby? Abbis? (Whatever you call this amazingly fucked up couple) fans! Trust me when I tell you that you WANT THIS BOOK!!! It's everything you wanted to know and so much more. Travis was my top book boyfriend going into this, and now I am convinced there will never be another to take his place. My heart is full and happy and I can't wait for you all to get your hands on it!

No way was she a slut, though. Not even a reformed slut. I could spot them a mile away. My game face slowly melted away. I'd finally found a girl that was interesting enough to get to know and a version of me had already hurt her. Loc. 295

"The day you appeared in our family tree, I wanted to cut it down" Loc. 379

"She's a pigeon. A demonic pigeon that fucks with my head so bad I can't think straight. Nothing makes sense anymore, Cam. every rule I've ever made's getting broken one by one. I'm a pussy. No...worse. I'm Shep." Loc. 1277

I'll admit when I heard Walking Disaster was going to be the same story told from Travis' POV, I was like WHOOHOOOOOOO! Who wouldn't want to be in Travis's pants, I mean head, with no pun intended. But seriously, it's like twins, but the ones you can totally tell apart. I think I was more emotional reading the story in Travis' POV. You also get more of the Maddox brothers in Walking Disaster.I cannot wait for their full stories.

Now pay attention, *Beginning-Middle-End*. The prologue gives us a look into the Maddox family as they loose Travis' mother and will have you in puddle of tears. He was only three years old.The middle,like literally at 50%, you will be in another puddle of tears and want to beat the tar out of Abby. When you get to the Thanksgiving scene be prepared to ugly cry. Don't read it with the family in the room. There's just something about grown men/brothers coming to the aide of a broken hearted Travis that made me loose my shit. Then the author gives us an Epilogue of EPICNESS. You get a look at Travis and Abby eleven years down the road. I loved Walking Disaster as much or possibly more than Beautiful Disaster.


Jamie McGuire was born in Tulsa, OK. She was raised by her mother Brenda in Blackwell, OK, where she graduated high school in 1997. Jamie attended the Northern Oklahoma College, the University of Central Oklahoma, and Autry Technology Center where she graduated with a degree in Radiography.
Jamie now lives in Enid, OK with her three children and husband Jeff, who is a real, live cowboy. They share their 30 acres with four horses, four dogs, and Rooster the cat. Books published by Jamie include the Providence trilogy, and The New York Times best seller Beautiful Disaster, a contemporary romance. When she’s not writing, Jamie spends her days letting her four dogs in and out.

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