Saturday, December 1, 2012

Spotlight Saturday: Stealing Grace by Shelly Crane

I have decided to spotlight some of my favorite books every Saturday to refresh our hearts and minds. Starting with one of my favorite books of all time, by the amazing Shelly Crane. Stealing Grace was one of the first few books I started reading after I got bit by the bug and is such a special story because it brings attention to the very serious subject of Human Trafficking. 


Elena is young, vivacious and alone. She left her troubled family to start a new life but is kidnapped one night waiting on the bus and soon learns she's been sold to be a wife on the human trafficking market. Her new husband takes her home and she waits for the abuse to start. But it doesn't. Alex is different than any other man she's ever met and though he stole her from her life, Elena learns that maybe there's more to the story. Maybe there was a purpose. Can she help save the other women who are stuck in hell with her? Can they do good while staying under the radar? Most importantly, can she allow herself to love the man who kidnapped her?

Hootie's Take:

I loved this book so very much!! When I first got into reading last year everyone I knew was adamant about me reading everything Shelly Crane does! Her Significance series is my favorite series of hers but Stealing Grace holds a special place in my heart because this book is the reason I became a book nerd lol!
Human Trafficking is a growing epidemic and Shelly Crane brings it to the forefront in this book. I loved how  even though Elena was scared and vulnerable she still managed to keep her faith. With every chapter she grew stronger and became more hopeful that she could make a difference in the lives of the other women who were taken.  This book is a very quick read but once you get started you won't be able to resist especially when you get a glimpse of Alex.

                                         *Swoony Sigh*

Alex was my first book boyfriend. Watching him treat Elena so sweetly made me all warm inside. He has had a hard life watching his father be such a hard ass. He is desperate to change and not become like his father and vows to himself he won't treat his wife the way he watched his mother be treated. Seriously Alex is a character you fall for instantly. You want to hate him at first because of the whole Kidnapping thing but his character makes it impossible. Throughout the book these two characters grow closer and eventually things heat up giving you something to root for as they team up to take down the ring leaders in this "Community". This is one of those re-readable  (Is that a word?) books you will want to experience again and again. 

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