Sunday, December 23, 2012

Review and Giveaway: Have Yourself a Naughty Little Santa by Karin Tabke


Picture-perfect Evergreen, California, nestled on the shores of Reindeer Lake in the snowy Sierras, is the perfect place for a no-strings holiday fling with a gorgeous Latin lover. Workaholic Kimberly Michaels didn't come to Evergreen only to enjoy herself, though; she's there to consummate a development deal in which her company will take over the town -- whether the town wants it or not. Ricco Maza, whose sister owns the quaint B & B where Kim is staying, may be the hottest man she's ever met (and the only one who can persuade her to relax enough for an orgasm!) but if he discovers why Kim is in town, she'll soon be finding more coal and switches than kisses in her Christmas stocking. And as Kim's frosty winter nights steam up with her sexy Santa, she realizes she's going to have to make a choice. Is winning the deal truly the most important thing in life, or will this jaded cynic let Santa finally give her a little taste of Christmas magic

My Take:

So I found this book when I snooping around through Dollar General and the cover caught my attention. The story sounded good so I bought it. Luckily for me it was a decent story. Kimberly Michaels is a shrewd business woman who is sent to Evergreen California to get info on this small town's finances so her and her "Fiance" Nick can buy it out and turn it into a thriving economic mecca of Casino's. After a one night stand with a hot Latin lover she never expects to see again, she ends up coming face to face with him during a traffic accident. Once she gets settled in her room at the Bed and Breakfast in town she finds out her Latino Lover Ricky Maza, is none other than the brother of the owner! This is hilarious because Ricki makes Kim nervous! He's hot, sexy and has the stamina of a bunny on red bull!

These two are the biggest commitment PHOBES! Ricki doesn't want to get tied down because he knows he won't be able to keep his promises and Kim doesn't want to settle because she knows from her past experiences that relationships don't work. When his family takes her into the their midst and she discovers why it means so much to them she starts to feel guilty about her part in the towns demise. Up until now the town has never had ANY crime, but for some reason there are several mysterious happenings causing panic to the residents and visitors. Kim has her suspicions but goes ahead with her plan to take it over anyway. Ricki and Kim get closer as the story moves on, and they both decide to to be an item while they are both in town for the Holiday. As soon as they get comfy in their "item-ness" her fiance comes into the picture and causes trouble. Needless to say Ricki gets pissed and everything goes to shit and the fate of the town hangs in the balance. I honestly enjoyed the book. It was a little generic but the story was plausible and kept my interest. I really loved Ricki. He was tough and rugged but when he was sexing Kim up he was sensual and gentle. The steamy scenes in this book were good. It wasn't too graphic but I still wouldn't recommend anyone under 18 read it because of the language and the sexual situations. Sorry Kids, you'll have to wait until puberty.

Kim's character got on my ever loving nerves throughout the story with her back and forth attitude. She started liking the towns folk but kept up her shady ass behavior! I wanted to smack her in the face! She stepped up towards the end though and kind of redeemed herself though. There were some really great moments I wanted to highlight and I am so used to reading on my Kindle that I kept taping the page hoping it would highlight itself lol! So overall the story wasn't bad, the love scenes were great and the conclusion was a nice treat for the reader. Why am I telling you this? Because I am going to give away my paperback copy to one lucky winner. It's a great rainy day, guilty pleasure but I probably won't read it again and I thought someone out there would enjoy it again and again! So follow the post to the bottom where I will have a Rafflecopter entry form waiting for you! Much love and Merry Whatever you celebrate! 

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