Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hootie's Top Ten Books of 2012

This is really hard for me to narrow down my looooong list of books but here are my tippy top favorites! 

 10. The book I love to hate! This book broke me down in ways I wasn't prepared for. The first book INHALE (Free on Amazon) was so amazing and different I was hooked from the start. Even though I was crushed it's the book I can't stop thinking about no matter how hard I try.

 9. Ah Jude and Lucy. These lovable fuck-ups give me heart palpitations and tummy flutters at the same time! I am actually scared for the third book in the series because the first 2 put a strain on my fat clogged heart.

 8. Funny? Check! Steamy? Check! This was a fun and entertaining read that only got better as the story progressed. The first attempt in this new genre for Courtney Cole is a huge hit! From botched Waxing episodes to tea bags this shit will have you rolling and swooning constantly.

 7. Fate is the spin off to the beloved Moreno brothers series by Elizabeth Reyes. This made my list because I am so deeply in love with those sexy bastards! This book picks up where Making You Mine, the last in the Moreno Bros. series left off filling in the blanks of Vinnie and Rose's love story. I thought Sal Moreno stole my heart in Making You Mine but I was wrong because when I started reading this book it didn't take long for me to fall completely in love with Vinnie! 

 6. In the Band by Jean Haus is very close to my heart because like Riley the main character, I too was a drummer in high school! The story was awesome and the romance between the main characters fogged up my glasses even though I don't wear glasses. 

 5. If you haven't read this book yet, then you are seriously missing out! This was one of the most refreshing and captivating books I have read. The style of writing was so different and the poetry made me remember my own poetry roots from back in the day. "Our love will always be eternal, like an unwanted popcorn kernel" BAM! How ya like them apples?

 4. What is air? I will forever be grateful to my Jersey girl on twitter who FORCED me to read this series! If you haven't experienced the magic that is The Black Dagger Brotherhood, I feel sorry for you! This series is such an interesting take on vampires and after the vaginal secretion that is Twilight we all need a manly, sexy Vampire to pant for. Whether it be Wrath, Rhage, Zadist, Phury, Vishous or Tohrment you just can't go wrong! This book broke my heart, then set the pieces on fire until there was nothing but ash. Then with that ash was molded a new heart that beats stronger in my chest! I recommend you start with book one then get to this one!

 3. Some books take you by surprise. Ten Tiny Breaths is one of those books. I was so wrapped up in the story I don't remember much from the 24 hours I was locked in my room reading it. I am just glad I don't have kids because they would have been eating garbage and sugar packets. You know you are reading a good book when you are feeling everything right along with the characters. When they hurt you hurt etc..

 2. Have you ever laughed so hard you did one of these things: Pissed yourself, Spewed Coke from your nose or Pulled a muscle in your back?
If not then you need to read this book. I guarantee one if not all of these things will happen when you do. This book was absolutely hilarious and charming and will keep you in stitches for days after.

 1. I have a feeling this book will take the top spot on almost every list out there. Easily one of the best books I know I will ever read this story captured my heart at the beginning. The depth of emotion runs deep with both main characters and gets so deeply rooted into your heart there is no way you will forget it. There are two different covers for this book and I chose this one because of the symbolism of the pennies on the front. I absolutely loved this book and the last two words uttered in the story have been echoing in my heart and head for weeks after. 

There are a few that are just as good that made my Honorable Mention List:


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