Sunday, December 2, 2012

Desperate Soul by Hillary Seidl Review


Paranormal hunter Andrew Grant has less than a week to locate a stone and thwart a wizard’s bid for ultimate power. Sia holds the key to his success, and to his heart. Only together can they discover love and save the world

Hootie Says:

Hmm.... Well let's break it down

Sia Wright is not your average woman. She can see things, shadow things that chase and threaten her. Socially inept in every way, all she wants is to be accepted by her peers. Having developed a crush on her boss she overhears her co-workers laughing about her behind her back one day and ends up crying alone in the bathroom. She ends up at the library which is her sanctuary when things get her down. Sia goes to visit her mother in the local mental hospital because her mom went bat shit crazy when she was younger. When she goes to leave after watching her mom just be a vegetable something changes and her mother warns her that someone is after her and she needs to run!

She has no idea what her mother means, but when she leaves the hospital she is chased into the woods by a red eyed smoky monster. (Kinda like that disappointing shit on LOST we all thought was a dinosaur but alas, T'wasn't) She runs hard and fast into the middle of a clearing and blacks out. Enter Andrew Grant! YES! Let's talk about Andrew. He is searching for a powerful stone that can set his brother Ben free after he gambled his life away. Andrew feels the shift in power and knows what he is looking for isn't far which leads him into the clearing and right to Sia. After she passes out he takes her home and when she finally comes to, he explains what chased her. Demonic beings called Lamia have set their sights on her for some reason so Sia and Andrew set out to find out why. They enlist the help of Andrew's longtime friend Madam Jassandra who explains to them that Sia holds very old and very powerful magic passed down through her family and the head demon Warren (Kooky name for a powerful demon right?) wants Sia's family stone for some reason. All hell breaks loose when they finally confront him and when it's all said and done some relationships aren't the same.

To me this book was OK. The story was pretty good and different but it kind of felt rushed a little bit. There wasn't much meat to the story being a quick read but it did explain some of the back details about Sia's past. I would have liked a little more development between Sia and Andrew's characters. It seemed like they grew close really fast without an explanation of what exactly attracted them to one another, other than circumstances.

Now what I did like were the saucy scenes between Andrew and Sia. I loved how hungry they were for each other when they stopped fighting it. I wasn't expecting the scenes to be so sexy in terms of language and description so that was a delish treat! I loved finally seeing Sia gain confidence in herself she didn't have before she started on this journey. There was a character that got her comeuppance which made me extremely happy because I just didn't like her. I have almost no reason to hate this character but I just do so neener! Overall it wasn't a bad story, it had some quirks but ended on a high note I enjoyed so check it out!

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