Monday, November 19, 2012

Review: Move by Brina Courtney

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Sometimes Dallas gets drunk and doesn’t remember what she did last night. Sometimes she loses friends. Sometimes her mom’s boyfriend beats her until she can’t walk. Sometimes her life sucks, but sometimes it’s beautiful. When Dallas dances her world is her own and she can make it what she wants it to be, she can escape her otherwise horrible life. Dallas now must overcome her past to give herself a future at the Allenwood Academy of Dance in Cape Haven, CT. When her feet are bleeding and her heart is breaking, Dallas must find the strength to go on. 

“You only get one shot in the dance world and you have to be strong enough to take it.”

“If I don’t dance, I will die."

Hootie Says:

This book hit close to home for me because my father is a drunk. Poor Dallas has been exposed to her mother's boyfriend who drinks constantly and beats her when she steals his beer. The only thing that helps Dallas get through her days is when she can dance, her God given talent! When she sends in her video to a prestigious dance school and gets accepted, things change quickly for Dallas. Once at the school her roommate Mila befriends her and the two become closer as the story progresses. Mila starts to see Dallas has a problem and tries to help but Dallas reassures her that she doesn't. Dallas finds herself in hot water after a party one night that becomes the catalyst to the story. 

I got excited about this book because it reminded me of my favorite movie Center Stage! Ever since I saw that movie I have been a huge ballet fan, so naturally Move peaked my interest. Even though Move was a short read you get a glimpse into what Dallas has been through and what she is heading towards. Thankfully this won't be the only book about this character I'm told, because there will be a series of shorts about Dallas and her struggles to become a dancer. What I loved about this book is her strength. She isn't going to let her past dictate her future and strives to make it happen for herself. There wasn't any romance in this story but hopefully in the next few books we will get to see Dallas blossom into a young woman not afraid to love. I would give my left kidney to be able to do ballet! I was cursed with having a potato for a body though so I am not very graceful and besides nobody wants to watch a fat ballerina!

Yeah I can just imagine my fat floppin' errywhere and people throwing shit pies at me! Luckily though Move was way better than watching my fat ass flounce around the stage lol! I am excited to see where things go for Dallas and I recommend you give it a try especially if you love dance like me!


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  1. Thanks for your review! Chubby dancers need love too

  2. Thanks for your review! Chubby dancers need love too


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