Sunday, October 21, 2012

Perchance: Blog Tour and Character and Author Interview

I'm sitting here on Skype with the two love Birds Remi and Cooper Neal from Lila Felix's riveting drama PERCHANCE! Hey guys. how are you today?

Remi & Cooper: We are good.  Thanks for having us.  We heard you are hilarious.

Hootie: Well you heard correct my darling little bastards! So I noticed everyone is enamored with you Cooper, but I am curious about Miss. Remi sitting behind you peeking at me like she is about to shit herself....

Cooper: Yeah, she's pretty scared that you're going to rip her a new one. lol

Hootie: awww don't be scared I brought TREATS! :D

Cooper: Now she's interested.  Bring it on!

Hootie:  *cracks knuckles* OK remi are you ready for the spanish inquisition (Cajun man voice)?

Remi: Oh my stars.  I love the freakin' Cajun man.  Cooper is holding my hand now, so yeah, I'm ready.

Hootie: Ok Question #1.... Like OMG what is your favorite color?

Remi: Navy blue.  Like the Cuda.

Hootie: Is you serious? *incredulous look*

Remi: oh yeah, that car does things to me.

Hootie: kinda like brownies make me horny? lol jk moving on... Question 2: Getting right to the meat and potatoes of the interview what possessed you to run away from Cooper?

Remi: Wow, um, I was a scared little chicken who couldn't make up her mind?  I had all of these stupid priorities lined up in my head based on my mom's random psychology.  But in the end, it was ok.  It gave us both some time to grow up a bit and me to get my head on straight.  Believe me, no one beats herself up over something as much as I do about leaving him.  I still do.

Hootie: awww that's so.. HEY! STOP KISSING DAMN IT! Behave Cooper!

Cooper:  I'm sorry. I can't help myself.  I just hate for her to keep putting herself down about it.  So, I wanna kiss her back to happy.

Hootie: I think I just heard young girls everywhere sigh and swoon! OK remi Question 3 is there anything in particular you would change about your relationship with Cooper? If so what?

Remi: Right now? The stress. We both get wound up pretty tight.  Cooper works his butt off and I'm in school. Plus there's um...other things we're stressed about.  So it's a lot.

Hootie: hmm *rubs chin* very cryptic Remi.... is there something you are hiding?

Remi: Well, I'm not supposed to talk about it.  Lila's writing a sequel to Perchance so she asked us to keep it on the DL.  In fact, she's coming over for dinner tonight.  I love that lady.

Hootie: Yes Lila mentioned dinner, what do you make for an amazing author like her to eat? REMI! Keep your hands to yourself until I'm done JEEZ you two!

Remi: I forgot this thing is on video. Crap. Sorry.  Yeah, Lila. Cooper's making her his Mom's chicken spaghetti.  It's always a hit.  Lila's bringing bread pudding.  Her bread pudding is to die for.

Hootie: it's ok but damn you two seriously can't keep your hands to yourselves can you?

Remi: No, between Cooper working and me in school we don't get a lot of alone time.  So when we do...

Cooper: Look what you've done Amanda.  You've caused her to almost say something dirty.  lol

Hootie: Hey don't blame me! Look at my face! I'm blushing trying to interview you two lovebirds! *Ahem!* moving on Remi I know you said you had priorities and all but was being with Cooper so bad you had to jump ship?

Remi: Quite the opposite.  Being with Cooper was so good that it scared me.  I could feel myself getting lost in him and loving him.  And it was like my brain was constantly being overridden by my heart.  Again, I was a chicken shit.

Cooper: Now she's cussing.  Hootie, maybe we need to have you over for dinner sometimes. lol

Hootie: Remi I totally understand and Cooper you had me at DINNER!

Cooper: Anytime!

Hootie: ok so now that we got the hard stuff out of the way, what can we expect from you two in the coming sequel... besides all this damn kissing? 

Remi: Um, we're still young and obviously by the end of Perchance we're trying to have a baby so there's a lot of pressure.  Pressure does things to people.

Cooper: There's a lot of ways to relieve stress. *wink wink*

Remi: Please ignore the fact that I just punched my husband for being pervy.

Hootie: it's ok, I hate men anyway and I kinda get off on watching Women beat them up! HOLLA! My next question is for Cooper, I know you and your dad have patched things up a little but what can we expect from you guys in the future?

Cooper: My Dad and I are still getting to know each other.  Plus we have never really sat down and talked about why he left and all that.  But for now he's my Dad, but he's more of my friend.  And he and Mom are dating, which is odd.  But Mom's happy, so I'm good.

Hootie: They are dating? When did that happen?

Cooper: Mom moved here shortly after Remi and I got married and then they started spending time together and all of the sudden they're holding hands and...yeah, they're dating.

Hootie: Wow Coop, I bet that was a shock for you huh?

Cooper: It's weird.  But Dad never really moved on and neither did she.  I would still be here waiting if Remi hadn't come back, so I kinda get it.  When you love someone, it doesn't stop just because time goes by.

Hootie: DAMN YOU! STOP BEING SO DAMN WONDERFUL! Remi how the hell do you function with his sweet ass? *not ass as in butt but ass as in.. never mind just answer*

Remi: lmao!  Yeah, he's a sweetie.  He never fails to amaze me.  I keep thinking that ones of these days he's just going to turn into the Hulk or something but he doesn't.  He just makes me happy, plain and simple. *as they look at each other with googoo eyes BLECK!*

Hootie: UGH! I need a dentist! *fake dials phone* ok so this last question is for both of you: What was the best and worst moments in your relationship from Perchance and would you change it if you could? 

Cooper: Worst moment ever. Promise ring!!!  Best moment? Swimming with my girl.

Remi: Worst moment.  Yeah, I think you know which one that was.  Best moment: Hearing Cooper say he loves me.

Hootie: I think everyone will agree that you both are absolutely adorable and we all wish you the best. Thank you for sitting down with me today and taking time out from your alone time together. I'll let you get back to it *Wink*

Cooper: FINALLY!! lol

Remi: Come over anytime Hootie!!  Thanks so much....

 Remi: Scratch that.  Maybe call first? lol

Hootie: um... I think I am gonna take a rain check. I have lost enough teeth from decay during this video chat but thanks for nothin' lol

Remi & Cooper: BYE!!

After chatting with Remi and Cooper I got a chance to email none other than Lila Felix herself! Below you will find 10 questions I was dying to know! 

#1 Who was your biggest influence to become an Author?  Shelly Crane

#2 Favorite kool-aid flavor Tropical Punch

#3 if you could live on any planet where would you live (Besides Earth)  Uranus *snort*

#4 Where do you see yourself in a year? Skinny and gorgeous laying on a beach with my hubs.  What? I can see myself anywhere I want to.  Doesn't mean it's gonna happen.

#5 If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Costa Rica

#6 What is the square root of 1,000? I think I remember. It's 31 point something something something. Right?

#7 How many fingers am I holding up? 12...wait.

#8 What is better MCdonalds Filet O fish or Burger Kings Fish Sammich? Eeewwww, Burger King!! Filet O' Fish.

#9 With your newest book release Perchance what else do you have in the works, or can you talk about it? It's a book about a roller derby girl.  But that's all I'm saying. 

and last but not least, which came first the chicken or the egg? I thought it was the chicken nugget. Dang.

HAHA! I'm kidding but seriously #10 If you could do just one thing differently in your life, what would it be? I would've met you sooner!!!

*aaaaand that concludes this stop on the Perchance blog tour be sure to tip your waitress*

Lila Felix is such an amazing author and I expect big things from her. I adored Perchance and I can't wait for it's sequel! Thank you for stopping by but I gotta go now. I have a headache and the runs so....



  2. You made me laugh too much with the interview, best interview! :)
    Hope the headache had gone fast!
    Greetings from Perú :D


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