Friday, September 28, 2012

Review: Perchance - Lila Felix


Remi Harris has a plan. Graduate high school, go to 
college, become a history teacher, be self-sufficient unlike her mother who is a struggling single mom. And the word ‘boy’ has no place in her plan.
Cooper Neal has been sent to his estranged father’s house to spend his Senior year getting to know him. And maybe, just maybe, there will be some cute girls in the small town. 

Cooper sees Remi and he falls hard. Remi sees Cooper and wonders if she can do both. The question is; will he ruin her plans, or will she let him be a part of them?

Hootie Says:
UGH! I was given an ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) of Perchance and What a wonderful surprise this book turned out to be! Lila Felix captured my heart with her breakthrough novel EMERGE, now Perchance is Perhaps one of the sweetest love stories I have read. 
Remi is this determined young woman who has watched her mother struggle through being abandoned by her husband to raise four kids alone. She is dead set against becoming like her mother so she sets a goal for herself to finish school with no interruptions.  I felt I could really relate to this character. Being an only child to a single mother after my father bailed (like a crusty, old, douche nozzle he is) 

I understood where she was coming from in this book. I too didn't want to end up a single mother because some moronic prick decided he didn't want me or my child, which is why I am probably the only 31 year old woman in the Universe who hasn't had a child yet! So Remi gets sent to live with her aunt in a small town in Louisiana.
Enter Cooper! (Ah I just love a male character who is a stand up kinda guy!) Cooper has to go live with his dad because his mom thinks he should get to know him. Cooper has a hard time accepting his dad wanting a relationship with him. I don't blame him for feeling his dad is a bastard for ditching him! Men like that make me want to saw off their testicles and feed them to hungry African babies! (OMG that was horrible, I wouldn't have the heart to make those babies suffer anymore!) Anyway ...
When Cooper and Remi first meet they are like the Titanic and the Iceberg! BOUND FOR EACH OTHER!

I absolutely loved these two characters! They were such a perfect fit for each other, but as usual there has to be some kind of damn conflict! *GROAN* Much like myself Remi is her own worst enemy! All in all though I really loved this story. It had great characters, gooey sweet moments, romance, and of course we can't forget our dear friend....

Plenty of Drama to keep you on your toes freaking the hell out and biting your nails! If Lila keeps pumping out all these fantastic books she will most definitely become a star!!!

Perchance releases on October 20th so head over to GOODREADS and add this to your TBR list!!! I promise you won't be sorry....and if you are sorry I will give you my dads address and you can beat the shit out of him, OK? 

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